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Photography Wedding Trend: Photo Booths 101

While modern couples certainly want and appreciate the formal, sleek pictures taken throughout their wedding day, more and more are opting to also include photo booths at their receptions to capture fun moments with friends and family. That means there are even more opportunities for you to book wedding gigs over the next few years. But in order to ensure repeat business, you will want to perfect your photo booth techniques. Here are a few tips to get you started:

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Taking Action Shots – Tips for Event Photographers

Action shots aren’t just for sports photographers anymore. In fact, they are a fantastic way of capturing the “feel” of an event in a single image. Action photos can be of anything; Grandpa dancing away on the dance floor at a wedding, the laughter of friends, a runaway flower girl, the wedding car driving off – the possibilities are endless!

However, action shots can be a little tricky to get right, so we’re going to share our top tips to help you improve your chances of capturing a memorable photo.

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4 Top Tips for Photographing Guests at Weddings

Weddings are the biggest day of brides’ lives. While they want to make sure their hair, makeup and dress look perfect, the food tastes great and the décor is perfect, one of their biggest priorities is ensuring their guests enjoy the evening. And this is often one of the most important aspects of weddings for grooms, too.

Because the special couple can’t see every detail of the evening, it is your responsibility as the photographer to capture the guests having fun. However, photographing people in the midst of enjoying a celebration, especially with music and cocktails, can be challenging. Here we offer four tips for photographing guests at weddings:

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Event Photography Prep: How to Know What to Bring on Location

Event photography can be tricky as every job can be completely different from the last. Take, for example, a wedding photographer – one weekend you may be shooting a wedding at a vineyard, the next a nighttime wedding at an indoor reception venue and, just a few weeks later, you may be shooting somewhere totally different like a zoo or theme park. Event photographers have to be prepared for every situation, and that takes a lot of time and consideration. However, we’re here to share our best tips for event photographers. 

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Ensuring a Steady Stream of Income from Your Photo Kiosk: A Must Read

Did you know, with so many people taking so many pictures, the opportunities for independent photo printers are greater than ever before? From cutting-edge smart phones to low-priced digital cameras, consumers are enjoying an ever-increasing variety of highly portable photo devices.

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How Do I Get the Word Out About My New Photo Printing Kiosk?

You already know that once you've set up your fast, flexible, cost-effective printing kiosks, you'll need to inform customers of your new offerings. But you just aren’t sure how to get the word out.

Unfortunately, in-store displays won't be enough; you've got to spread the word to people who don't already frequent your business. If you're located in a shopping centre or other high-traffic shopping area, there are bound to be plenty of potential customers you haven't reached! Here are a few tips you (probably) haven’t thought of for attracting new business:

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What are Buyers Looking for in Their Ideal Photo Printing Kiosk?

In our previous post, it was clear your photo printing service should embrace both quality prints while allowing for acceptable pricing. But that isn’t where consumer demands end. Due to busy schedules and shrinking attention spans, your buyers also want flexibility and speed. Read on for top tips regarding product options, wait time and making it all work for you.

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What Type of Photo Service is the Best Balance of Quality and Pricing?

If you are an independent photo retailer, you know striking a balance between quality and pricing can be tough, especially since consumers have gotten not only savvier, but more demanding, too.

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4 Top Tips for Successfully Photographing High School Formals

For High School students, Year 10 and 12 Formals are the events of the year and are the result of months of planning and excitement. From asking their date to finding the perfect outfit, everything has been thought through thousands of times. The kids are counting on the photos from the night to serve as mementos for years to come. Being the photographer for such an important event in a young person’s life can be stressful if you aren’t equipped with a strategy.

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Jazz Up Your Event Photos Without Breaking the Bank: Tips for Buying Props

As an event photographer, you may think the only tools you need to invest in are your camera and accessories—but this isn’t necessarily true. Photography props can add an extra layer to your photos and business and can help to set you apart from your competitors. The items you use help define your style as a photographer and can even make your brand more easily recognisable.

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