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Should I Market My Event Photography Business on Social Media?

event_photography_social_mediaFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest. The more familiar you become with social media outside of regular office hours, the more you’re beginning to think it can benefit your event photography business. After all, you enjoy looking through contacts’ photos, whether for amusement or inspiration, others will surely like browsing your snapshots, right? Statistics show you may be correct.

Used strategically, social media can have big benefits for your event photography business, too. We discuss a few of those benefits here:

Increased Brand Visibility

Studies show typical consumers must be exposed to a marketing message a minimum of three times before it sinks in. Ask yourself: How often are potential customers exposed to my business now? If it’s fewer than three or the audience is limited (for example, potential customers will only see your physical storefront if they are in the geographical area), you may want to consider social media for increasing brand visibility. Each social media platform offers you a new way to have your photography seen by potential customers. And the best part? Many social media platforms allow you to target your messages to the specific audiences you want to reach.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Though algorithms for determining what to display in search engine results are kept secret, there’s no doubt among experts that social media presence influences rankings. The more social media platforms your business participates in and the more frequently you post quality content to your social media profiles (such as your photographs and links to helpful photography tips, whether from your blog or elsewhere), the higher your business will climb in search engine results.

Prompt Feedback

Thinking of trying a new style of portrait but are unsure how potential customers will react? Ask for their opinions on social media! Your social media connections and followers can provide insight into your business and work, helping you refine your offerings. Some social media platforms like Facebook even allow customers to review your business so other consumers can make a more informed decision.

Reduced Marketing Costs

If your social media marketing proves effective, you may be able to decrease your marketing spend for other tactics, such as direct mail or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In fact, the biggest cost associated with social media marketing (aside from optional advertising) is time. However, if you think back to when you adopted social media for personal use, you may remember much of that time was spent populating your various profiles with basic information. Now that you’re established, you can post updates and navigate feeds in a matter of minutes!

Most importantly, using social media to market your event photography business offers the potential to grow a loyal community of customers and admirers and increase your sales. And, at the end of the day, that’s what it takes to run a successful event photography business.

Need more help marketing your event photography business? See our complete strategy guide!

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