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Helping Customers Print Photos More Easily: Introducing TransPix App

Have you ever gone into a store to print pictures and realized, when you got there, you forgot your USB cables and memory card? Have you ever been running errands around town and thought, “Hey, maybe I should stop at the store and print out my pictures,” only to realize you don’t have the necessary equipment with you to do so?

Your customers have been in this situation numerous times, and because of that, they often have to turn around and go home. In other words, they’re not entering your store, and that’s a problem for your business.

That’s why Fujifilm recently released a new app for helping customers print out their pictures at your photo kiosks, even if they don’t have the right equipment on hand. It’s called TransPix. 

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The Best Practices for Growing Your Retail Brand

In our current economic climate, it’s important to stay fresh and competitive. Many business owners find that customers are taking the DIY approach for convenience and affordability—and surprisingly because they’re not satisfied with the service they’ve received in the past. With this DIY trend, it’s important for retailers to stay on top of their game and continue attracting customers. Here, we look at some of the best practices for growing your brand and business so you can continue to grow and develop – and, ultimately, succeed.

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