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3 Hidden Operating Costs for Event Photographers

If you’re in the process of building up your event photography business, you’re most likely already aware of some of the major the expenses you need to plan for. But many event photographers lose sight of some of the unexpected operating costs required to run a successful business.

Even though they may seem small at a glance, these costs can add up quickly, leaving you less profitable than you had hoped to be. To run a successful event photography business, here are three hidden operating costs you should be sure to account for:

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Taking Action Shots – Tips for Event Photographers

Action shots aren’t just for sports photographers anymore. In fact, they are a fantastic way of capturing the “feel” of an event in a single image. Action photos can be of anything; Grandpa dancing away on the dance floor at a wedding, the laughter of friends, a runaway flower girl, the wedding car driving off – the possibilities are endless!

However, action shots can be a little tricky to get right, so we’re going to share our top tips to help you improve your chances of capturing a memorable photo.

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