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Should I Market My Event Photography Business on Social Media?

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest. The more familiar you become with social media outside of regular office hours, the more you’re beginning to think it can benefit your event photography business. After all, you enjoy looking through contacts’ photos, whether for amusement or inspiration, others will surely like browsing your snapshots, right? Statistics show you may be correct.

Used strategically, social media can have big benefits for your event photography business, too. We discuss a few of those benefits here:

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4 Top Tips for Successfully Photographing High School Formals

For High School students, Year 10 and 12 Formals are the events of the year and are the result of months of planning and excitement. From asking their date to finding the perfect outfit, everything has been thought through thousands of times. The kids are counting on the photos from the night to serve as mementos for years to come. Being the photographer for such an important event in a young person’s life can be stressful if you aren’t equipped with a strategy.

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5 Tips for Photographing a Group

From weddings to graduations and family reunions, group photos are crucial for events large and small. However, they do require a few separate skills and steps compared to other event shots. Many of the rules that apply to candid, off-the-cuff pictures won't work when you're coordinating tens or even hundreds of people. To ensure your clients get the best group shots possible, make sure you understand these five tips before you next event!

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