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5 Tips for Photographing a Group

From weddings to graduations and family reunions, group photos are crucial for events large and small. However, they do require a few separate skills and steps compared to other event shots. Many of the rules that apply to candid, off-the-cuff pictures won't work when you're coordinating tens or even hundreds of people. To ensure your clients get the best group shots possible, make sure you understand these five tips before you next event!

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10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Children at Events

Children are often fidgety, easily distracted, impulsive, and defiant. They are also dramatic and energetic, two traits great for photography! Getting an impressive shot of a toddler or child may be challenging, but this age group often provides the most opportunity for portable event photography. Parents attempt to preserve the memories created at theme parks, animal experiences, and birthday parties before the child will remember them on his own.

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Choosing the Best Location for Portable Event Photography

In a recent post, we explored the best places for event photography. The post identified zoos, party venues, recreation destinations, and more as the top places event photographers can help create memories with portable solutions and instant photographs.

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Portable Event Photographers: Choosing the Best Photograph for Customers

Through years of amateur and professional practice, portable event photographers acquire a sense for the kinds of moments that make memorable photographs. And by continuously studying photography composition best practices, portable event photographers can capture numerous impactful photographs in just a few minutes.

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Evoking Emotion: 6 Methods for Memorable Photographs at Events

The best photographs are those that evoke emotion. From utter happiness to wrenching heartbreak, photographs have the power to make us feel a full range of emotions. As a portable event photographer, how do you take photographs at events that evoke emotions so strong, people linger on the image? Read on!

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Imagine the convenience for Printing Photos

Imagine a life without photographs...some of our fondest memories are sitting down with family and friends, flicking through photo albums and reliving the memories.

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Photo printing from phones made easy with NFC technology

Fujifilm Australia have been printing your photos using our special Green kiosks (DPC1) since 2001.  In the beginning they could be spotted in stores in pairs and they were generally networked to a Frontier 330 printer that produced 570 6x4" prints per hour.  From this initial set up we moved to the DPC2, 3 & 8, networked to the Frontier 340 which could produce up to 600 6x4" prints per hour.

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Your Photos Printed As A Book

Yesterday was Mothers Day - what did you do that was extra special for your mum or the mum of your kids?

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