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Supporting Sydney Homeless Connect & MYSYDNEY Calendar 2018

Fujifilm has kindly donated 100 disposable Quicksnap cameras for the project.

Fujifilm is once again proudly partnering with MYSYDNEY/Cafe Art to help support the homeless on Sydney's streets.

After two emotional and rewarding competitions run in 2015 and 2016 (Fujifilm supplying cameras in 2016 only), in which the Cafe Art team were able to positively impact many people's lives and bring groups of people together - those affected by homelessness and those not - to talk about art and photography and things that are meaningful to them, we are now riding the momentum going into this year!

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Ensuring a Steady Stream of Income from Your Photo Kiosk: A Must Read

Did you know, with so many people taking so many pictures, the opportunities for independent photo printers are greater than ever before? From cutting-edge smart phones to low-priced digital cameras, consumers are enjoying an ever-increasing variety of highly portable photo devices.

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What Type of Photo Service is the Best Balance of Quality and Pricing?

If you are an independent photo retailer, you know striking a balance between quality and pricing can be tough, especially since consumers have gotten not only savvier, but more demanding, too.

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