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How You can Tell it's Time to Update Your Digital Printing Kiosk

Smart phones, tablets and other low-priced digital camera devices have been available for more than a decade, and most consumers are well-acquainted with in-store digital printing. Just as those hand-held devices have improved by leaps and bounds, however, so have the kiosks created to print their digital photos.

So, if you want to appeal to your customers' desires for fast, cheap and high-quality photos, you'll need to keep your own in-store devices up to speed. While you may not need to replace your kiosks as often as some people replace their phones, you do need up-to-date technology that meets or exceeds consumers' ever-more-stringent expectations. Here are a few signs and considerations that will let you know when it's time to update the digital printing kiosk in your retail outlet.

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Ensuring a Steady Stream of Income from Your Photo Kiosk: A Must Read

Did you know, with so many people taking so many pictures, the opportunities for independent photo printers are greater than ever before? From cutting-edge smart phones to low-priced digital cameras, consumers are enjoying an ever-increasing variety of highly portable photo devices.

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How Do I Get the Word Out About My New Photo Printing Kiosk?

You already know that once you've set up your fast, flexible, cost-effective printing kiosks, you'll need to inform customers of your new offerings. But you just aren’t sure how to get the word out.

Unfortunately, in-store displays won't be enough; you've got to spread the word to people who don't already frequent your business. If you're located in a shopping centre or other high-traffic shopping area, there are bound to be plenty of potential customers you haven't reached! Here are a few tips you (probably) haven’t thought of for attracting new business:

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What are Buyers Looking for in Their Ideal Photo Printing Kiosk?

In our previous post, it was clear your photo printing service should embrace both quality prints while allowing for acceptable pricing. But that isn’t where consumer demands end. Due to busy schedules and shrinking attention spans, your buyers also want flexibility and speed. Read on for top tips regarding product options, wait time and making it all work for you.

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What Type of Photo Service is the Best Balance of Quality and Pricing?

If you are an independent photo retailer, you know striking a balance between quality and pricing can be tough, especially since consumers have gotten not only savvier, but more demanding, too.

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Imagine the convenience for Printing Photos

Imagine a life without photographs...some of our fondest memories are sitting down with family and friends, flicking through photo albums and reliving the memories.

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Photo printing from phones made easy with NFC technology

Fujifilm Australia have been printing your photos using our special Green kiosks (DPC1) since 2001.  In the beginning they could be spotted in stores in pairs and they were generally networked to a Frontier 330 printer that produced 570 6x4" prints per hour.  From this initial set up we moved to the DPC2, 3 & 8, networked to the Frontier 340 which could produce up to 600 6x4" prints per hour.

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