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How Retailers Can Reap New Revenue with Mobile Technology

Mobile devices and digital experiences play an important role in people’s decision-making and online networking processes. And as stated in Salesforce’s 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, 85 percent of survey respondents said mobile devices are a “central part of everyday life.” As a result of this dependency on these digital devices, consumers also rely on their smartphones to take and store billions of photos each year.

For instance, it’s estimated that New Zealanders take around 1.2 billion photos on their smartphones every year, many of which can be taken within the retail environment. But while people tend to consume and enjoy photos from their smartphones, as many as 20 million of them may be lost due to outdated technology and operating systems, warns Vint Cerf, Google vice president. This presents a new revenue opportunity for retailers that offer photo printing and ordering solutions in store.

Knowing your customers are using smartphones and tablets to make decisions, how can you entice them to print their photos in store? Here we share two mobile device solutions you can use to help your customers preserve their precious memories while driving new revenue for your shop.

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How to Encourage Customers to Take Photos in Your Store

The digital opportunities are endless for retailers trying to stand out in a world of smartphones and tablets. While many businesses may find it difficult to stay current on the digital channels, it’s even more difficult to figure out which ones to invest in. However, there’s one trend that continues to dominate consumer behaviour, which could ultimately impact the way retailers engage with their customers—mobile device adoption.

According to the AIMIA 2014 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI), Australian smartphone penetration is nearly 90 percent, and 60 percent of Australians own a tablet device. But how can you engage with these tech-savvy shoppers and convert them into brand evangelists? One simple tactic is to encourage them to take and print photos from their devices while in your store. Consumers rely on their smartphones to take and store billions of photos each year—by providing an engaging environment for taking photos as well as the technology to print them, you can drive new revenue for your retail shop.

Here are three ways to encourage customers to take and print photos in your store:

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