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Showcasing Your Photo Kiosk: Occasions to Inspire Photo Book Creations

Have you ever seen those people who scrapbook everything? They document all the elements of life that bring them joy—whether it be children, sports or friends’ weddings—then head to their craft rooms and break out scissors, stickers, multi-colored paper, ribbons, stamps, pens, glues and glitters—all of which are highly organized in individually labeled containers.

Other people, however, are not so artistically inclined or do not want to spend their days cutting and pasting. As a storeowner, you can point these customers to an alternative way to organize and beautify their photos without all the glitter-covered supplies: photo books.

When you have a Fujifilm photo kiosk available to your customers, they can create photo books right in your store. They can even upload their photos to the kiosk right from their mobile phones using our new TransPix app, no cords required.

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Helping Customers Print Photos More Easily: Introducing TransPix App

Have you ever gone into a store to print pictures and realized, when you got there, you forgot your USB cables and memory card? Have you ever been running errands around town and thought, “Hey, maybe I should stop at the store and print out my pictures,” only to realize you don’t have the necessary equipment with you to do so?

Your customers have been in this situation numerous times, and because of that, they often have to turn around and go home. In other words, they’re not entering your store, and that’s a problem for your business.

That’s why Fujifilm recently released a new app for helping customers print out their pictures at your photo kiosks, even if they don’t have the right equipment on hand. It’s called TransPix. 

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The Top 6 Reasons to Offer Your Customers a Digital Photo Kiosk

Due to the availability and relatively low prices of digital cameras, tablets and camera-equipped smart phones,almost every consumer can now take high-quality photos at the drop of a hat. And, while some are content to post their photos on social media or share them through email, most people want to be able to print!

Not surprisingly, retail outlets throughout the country and around the world have responded by installing droves of in-store kiosks for photo printing. Simple, accessible and fast, these kiosks allow the average consumer to turn their amateur photos into works of art they can share with their families and friends.

Still, quite a few outlets – particularly smaller stores – have yet to take advantage of this booming business opportunity. If you have not installed a kiosk in your store, here are six bottom-line reasons why you should offer in-store printing to your customers.

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Marketing Your Digital Photo Kiosk on Social Media: 6 Tips

Social media has taken the business world by storm, and companies both large and small can scarcely afford to ignore it. If anything, social services like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are now even more important than standalone websites when it comes to gaining new business and fostering long-term relationships with customers.

So, whether you're operating your digital photo kiosks out of an independent retail outlet or a large chain franchise, you need to maintain a solid social presence to bring in new business. A few posts every now and again just won't do, and a ghost town of a page may look even worse than not having one at all! Here are six tips to follow as you're putting up daily posts to promote your kiosk and store.

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How You can Tell it's Time to Update Your Digital Printing Kiosk

Smart phones, tablets and other low-priced digital camera devices have been available for more than a decade, and most consumers are well-acquainted with in-store digital printing. Just as those hand-held devices have improved by leaps and bounds, however, so have the kiosks created to print their digital photos.

So, if you want to appeal to your customers' desires for fast, cheap and high-quality photos, you'll need to keep your own in-store devices up to speed. While you may not need to replace your kiosks as often as some people replace their phones, you do need up-to-date technology that meets or exceeds consumers' ever-more-stringent expectations. Here are a few signs and considerations that will let you know when it's time to update the digital printing kiosk in your retail outlet.

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Retail Innovation: How to Get the Word Out About Little Known Products

Your business is likely known for a few key products or services – but what about the non-traditional products or services you offer? Here are some ideas for marketing not only your key products and services – but the ones your customers may not even know you offer!

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