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Event Photography: 5 Tips on Partnering with Event Planning Companies

Being an independent event photographer doesn't have to mean getting every gig on your own. By partnering with professional event planners, you can ensure far steadier streams of work while still working (mostly) on your own terms. Plus, the right event companies can help you to find the gigs you like and ultimately improve your portfolio and potentially your profitability. However, there are a few things you need to know going forward. Here are five top tips on creating lasting, lucrative partnerships with event planning companies.

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Ease Your Subjects' Nerves: 6 Tips for Comfortable Photo Shoots

The best way to get those candid shots your customers want is to make your subjects feel at ease. For an event photographer, that's often easier said than done! Portrait models can be difficult enough, and “amateur” subjects will often tense up when they realize you're shooting them. To put them at ease for perfect shots, follow these six tips.

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5 Tips for Marketing your Event Photography Business

The economy may be in a slump, but your event photography business doesn't have to be. As a portable photographer, you can always grow your clientele if you're willing to pound the pavement and take on business away from your norm. Online ads, direct mail, personal referrals and more – every method can help if you use it properly. Whether you're a seasoned photo vet or just starting your business, these five tips will help you find plenty of new customers.

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Event Photography Strategy Meetings: Talking with Clients One on One

You can shoot, process and print like a pro – but can you negotiate solid gigs with your clients? As a portable event photographer, your business acumen and communication skills are just as important as your artistic eye. Your customers know they want great pictures, but they probably don't understand your craft – or your pricing structure – nearly as well as you do. If you want to please your clients and avoid post-shoot headaches, follow these tips in your next pre-event meeting.

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Event Photography: Don't Forget to Zoom in On Your Needs!

As an independent, client-focused event photographer, it can be easy to let your own needs fall by the wayside. As your skills, reputation and clientele grow, your free time dwindles to almost nothing. Here are a few ways you can restore your sanity, take back some time and get what you really want out of your photography business.

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How Digital Photos Can Help Your Business (Part 2)

Now that you know ways to succeed in the business of event photography and making your customers happy, here are seven locations where event photography can make the biggest bang.

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How Digital Photos Can Help Your Business

Event photography isn’t always as easy as, snap, print, sell. To be successful, or in other words make money, from event photography, you must be prepared and strategic. In fact, creating a business and marketing plan, plus a strategy for funding and paying expenses, should always be thought about to prevent pushing your cash flow into the red. Shooting photos and helping people build memories may be fun, it may even be a dream come true, but you must remember that you are running a business.

Here we take a look at best business practices for event photographers and how they can help your bottom dollar

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Breaking the “Rules” of Photography for Stunning Shots

In the post “Composition Tips for Portable Event Photographers,” we outlined the most widely followed composition tips to serve as a quick reference for portable event photographers. We also noted that some of the greatest photographs come from ignoring generally accepted guidelines. In this post, we’ll reveal how to break the “rules” of composition in photography and still get great pictures viewers will want to purchase.

As a portable event photographer, your goal is to capture moments families and friends will want to remember forever, all while turning a profit. Trips to the zoo, a day at the theme park, wedding receptions, and more are perfect opportunities to help create memories with portable solutions and instant photographs. And while photographs that follow the “rules” can wow your viewers, sometimes shockingly different photographs that break the rules can have the same reaction.

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Composition Tips for Portable Event Photographers

Amateur and new photographers are often plagued by an inability to find great composition. Even experienced photographers sometimes struggle to enhance the impact of a photograph. And while there are no set composition rules in photography, there are generally accepted guidelines most photographers follow.

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Evoking Emotion: 6 Methods for Memorable Photographs at Events

The best photographs are those that evoke emotion. From utter happiness to wrenching heartbreak, photographs have the power to make us feel a full range of emotions. As a portable event photographer, how do you take photographs at events that evoke emotions so strong, people linger on the image? Read on!

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