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3 Secrets to Superior Service for Photo Retailers

Every retailer understands the importance of great customer service. Without it, your business will struggle to remain successful and establish loyal customers. “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will,” says Alan Lowe, director of the Australian Customer Service Awards (ACSA).

Whilst many businesses are investing valuable resources in the areas of marketing, online shopping channels and shopping technology, retailers must continue to invest in developing a meaningful shopping experience for customers through their staff. Independent photo retailers are particularly well positioned to provide superior customer service by showcasing your expertise, attention to detail and high-quality products—all of which will empower your customers to express their creativity, preserve moments and share experiences through printed photos.

To ensure your staff is well equipped to gain business from tech-savvy photo hobbyists, here are three things you and your staff need to do:

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The Best Practices for Growing Your Retail Brand

In our current economic climate, it’s important to stay fresh and competitive. Many business owners find that customers are taking the DIY approach for convenience and affordability—and surprisingly because they’re not satisfied with the service they’ve received in the past. With this DIY trend, it’s important for retailers to stay on top of their game and continue attracting customers. Here, we look at some of the best practices for growing your brand and business so you can continue to grow and develop – and, ultimately, succeed.

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Making Your Retail Shop More Customer Friendly

You might sell the greatest products in the world or offer services that surpass every other company in your suburb – but if your shop isn’t laid out in a customer friendly and attractive way, your store won’t reach its fullest potential.

Your shop’s layout not only affects how many people are coming into the store – but how many people are buying your products – and how much they’re buying, too. Product displays, purchase areas, service counters and aisle setup all influence consumer behaviour. We’re going to look at some of the discreet ways you can make your shop more customer friendly – and hopefully increase sales.

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Retail Innovation: How to Get the Word Out About Little Known Products

Your business is likely known for a few key products or services – but what about the non-traditional products or services you offer? Here are some ideas for marketing not only your key products and services – but the ones your customers may not even know you offer!

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