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5 Great Reasons to Create Photobook Collections

woman_looking_at_photographsIndividual, quality photos are great for capturing special moments and once-in-a-lifetime events – but what should you do to capture regular events, annual traditions and other memories that have been a long time in the making? How can you vividly record the progression of your family, your career or other important aspects of your life from one year to the next? The answer: Photobooks!

Here are six great reasons why you should consider creating a series of your own.

Your Kids Growing Up

Time flies when you're raising kids. Before you know it, they'll be all grown up, out of the house and well on their way to building their own lives and families. Wouldn't it be great to have yearly snapshots of their changing appearances and personalities from birth to adulthood? With a photo book for each year, you'll always be able to remember and showcase your favourite memories throughout their childhoods.

Pets Getting Older

Pets are family members, too! They may not be with as long as we'd like, but a photo book will allow you to remember the good times you had raising and caring for your cats, dogs and other furry friends. Share these with fellow pet-lovers, or keep them on your coffee table for guests to see.

Sports Careers

Whether you're still playing your favourite sport from childhood, or you've just started a new one with a local club, you'll want to keep track of it all – your improving skills, your victories and the great times you share with your teammates.

Or, maybe you have kids who've just begun to play a sport, and you want to document their progression from the little leagues to their school teams and maybe even beyond. Combine their sports snapshots with other photos for their photo books, or if they're really serious about their game, make entirely separate sports photo books!

Business Success Stories

Have you, a friend or a family member branched out and started your own business? If you're like most business owners, your success will be hard-fought, well deserved and rewarding, so you can't miss out on capturing the memories along the way! From your first office space to your first sale to the day you finally turn a profit, you'll want to be able to look back and remember all of the effort and passion that went into building your company.

Family Traditions

You probably already take snapshots at reunions, holidays and other gatherings, but wouldn't it be great to consolidate those pictures into a collection that showcases your growing and changing family? You'll be able to show these yearly traditions to all of your family members every time they visit. Better yet, you can take it with you when you visit distant relatives who don't always get to participate, but will surely want to see how their loved ones have been getting along.

Are any of these occasions a part of your own life? Or do you have other reasons to create a vivid, colourful photo book? Either way, head on over to the Harvey Norman Photo Centre to get started!

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