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Customised Décor: Decorating Your Home with Photogifts

Photogifts offer a rare opportunity to showcase a cherished memory right in your home. The Harvey Norman Photo Centre specialises in unique, personalised photogifts that reimagine images in creative, decorative ways. Here, we explore the photogifts that illuminate the interior of your home through the marriage of decoration and imagery.

Canvas Prints

harvey-norman-photo-blockLet's start by going big and bold. Select canvas prints from Harvey Norman come in a wide variety of sizes that digitally print any image or photo onto artisan stock canvas. Your image is then stretched and wrapped around a built-to-last wooden frame for support. The finish product: a larger-than-life, artistic statement that welcomes family and guests alike. If you’re looking for something with more style, modernise your home with glass or metal canvas prints.

Digital Posters

Take your favourite photo or image and blow it up! The specialists at Harvey Norman employ the latest digital printing processing technology on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper to create high-grade, high-quality posters. Brighten up the kid’s room or add character to your study with these brilliant poster options.

Photo Blocks and Magnets

Onto the kitchen. Photo blocks are the perfect, durable alternative to the everyday picture frame. Offered in white, black and a multitude of dimensions, these decorative blocks make any image pop with fun. Place them on the dining table or kitchen counter for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, Harvey Norman also offers personalised photo magnets to ornament your fridge and freezer. These mementos take digitally printed photos of your choice and place them onto plastic or porcelain magnetic frames, bringing cherished memories into your everyday life.

Crystal Portraits

If you’re looking for a truly unique, decorative item, 2D and 3D crystal portraits are the ideal photogift option for your home. These pristine crystals laser cut your photo for a personalised treasure unmatched by any other manufacturer. These crystals complement any desktop or living area with stunning clarity, adding a one-of-a-kind accent to your living environment.

Consider all of these photogift options to refresh and reanimate your home. If you’re still looking for more options, visit the Harvey Norman Photo Centre here.

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