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For the Toughest People on Your Gift List, Photogifts Have Got You Covered!

photo_gift_mothers_dayEven the best, most thoughtful gift-givers among us still have trouble picking out gifts from time to time. Whether it's that eclectic friend with too many interests to count, the grouchy uncle who doesn't seem to like anything or those well-to-do couples who seem to already have everything they want, some people are just tough to shop for!

Fortunately, everyone – even that grouchy uncle – loves to receive gifts that capture and display warm memories. Here are a few of those tough situations where a photo gift might be the perfect solution!

Mothers' and Fathers' Days

It was always easy to make arts and crafts for your parents as a kid, and you may not even have had much trouble finding creative ways to make mum and dad happy as a teen. But when you're grown up, out of the house and fully independent, it can actually be difficult to figure out what to get Mum and Dad on these special days. If they're retired or close to retiring, they likely have most of the material possessions they want, so light up their days with the heart-warming memories you can place on upholstery, dishes and other housewares. Memories of your childhood or new images of your own children can create beautiful blankets or adorable throw pillows.

Soon-to-be Retirees

When your friends and family are grinding away at their careers during their younger years and midlives, it's probably not too hard to think of great gifts. Always short on money, time or both, there's usually something they need – or just don't have time to make or buy for themselves. But once people are ready to settle down and retire, they're able to worry about buying goods for themselves, especially if they've had long and lucrative careers. If you know someone who's about to retire, help them commemorate the lives they've built thus far with a photo gift. Mugs for relaxed morning coffee or memory books that look back on their career can be great gifts for those special retirees.

Friends Who Have it All

During most holidays and for most loved ones, gift-giving tends to be an exchange of equally valuable things.. But what do you get for that friend who's rich, who's successful, who seems to already have it all? Another expensive trinket won't hurt, sure, but why not get them something that displays the kind of thoughtfulness and friendship that money can't buy? No matter how much or how little a photo gift costs, it's the memories contained within that really count!

The Passing of Loved Ones

The death of a loved one is never easy, but you can certainly brighten up someone's day by helping them remember the good times you shared with a mutual friend. If you're not sure what kind of present will be the most thoughtful and consoling after a funeral, you can't go wrong with a high quality photo gift, one that will help a friend or family member remember the good times they had with those who've passed.

Grumpy Family Members

Every family has a grump or two, and it can seem all but impossible to shop for someone who's constantly cranky. These people are still family, though, and you can't just neglect them on their birthdays, during the holidays or at any other time of the year. See if you can't get your family curmudgeon to crack a smile with a warm or funny photo printed on a book, cup or business card holder.

Stumped on what to buy for your loved one? Head over to the Harvey Norman Photo Centre and pick out a great photo gift that they'll cherish for years!

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