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Announce Your New Baby with Personalised Greeting Cards

Baxter-KerrySo our little bundle of joy has arrived, in the form of a wee boy called Baxter Kerry.  Having received so many beautiful gifts we wanted to say thank you with personalised greeting cards featuring of course our little boy, but making it extra special with sentiment of how we feel as first time parents.

The demands of a newborn are tough, and I will admit I have procrastinated for some time, however I needn’t have as using the Fujifilm photos site to make gift cards is so simple and easy to use. Click here to see how to get started creating personlised greeting cards.

Get Creative with the Harvey Norman Photo Centre

For the card I chose a two sided card, 4x6” in size and decided to use the “create your own design feature” so I could have more freedom to set the card up how I pleased.


I chose two images for the front of the card, one being a beautiful poem called “On the night you were born”– a real tear jerker – and teamed it up with a photo of Baxter in a red star onesie and lying on our white bed like he is on a cloud, which could not have been more of a perfect fit for the words of the poem.

I decided I would set the card horizontally, with the 6” length as the base of the card as this created a better layout for the size of the two images I had chosen.  A grey background was a perfect fit, so using the background tab I selected neutral mono solids and dragged the chosen grey square to cover the outside of the card.

Selecting the manual layout, I dragged the images down one by one and set to making sure they were perfectly placed side by side on the card which is so easy to do using the edit function.  By clicking on the photo, the edit icon will appear in red and clicking on this, all the features you need are at your fingertips.

Firstly, I clicked on the arched arrows to rotate the images 90˚.  


I then used the microscope tool to zoom in and out on each image to make them the same size – the numbers at the bottom of the edit screen guided me to make them both 173 points in height and 130 points in width.I then used the arrow keys which work to position the images perfectly beside one another.  Clicking on the arrows allowed me to manoeuvre the images to the left and right and up and down to position them both at 250 points from the left. Finally I clicked on the green padlock to change it red, which locks the images in place to ensure they don’t move as I continue to work on the card.

As I wanted to have Baxter’s birth details on the front of the card I inserted a text box and entered the details over two lines which is as easy as typing in Word.  


The edit function is just the same as for the images, so I rotated the text box 90˚ and then using the arrows, moved the box into place centred under the images. The fun part was then matching the wording in the text box to the poem – there are plenty of fonts and colours to cho0se from in the styling tab and I was able to get a near identical red to the words in the poem.

Selecting a two sided card means you must include an image on the inside of the card, and text can also be included, which just gave me further opportunity to personalise the card.  


Using the above techniques I included a faded black and white image of our hands holding - who doesn’t like to compare how tiny a newborn hand is to an adult hand - and using text boxes, I wrote the wording in over the top of the image in red to flow through with the colour theme.  It still gives me goose bumps to see his little hand in mine and read the words of why we chose his name and little sentiments of our love for him.  I chose to leave one side of the card blank, to allow space for a handwritten message to each person.

I cannot wait now to receive them and send them out, no doubt I might just shed another tear when I open the parcel after delivery!!! Be sure to check out these great ideas for preserving memories of your little ones and visit the Harvey Norman Photo Centre to get started.


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