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Photo Gifts Ideas for Pet Lovers

Help the pet owners in your life celebrate the bond they share with their pet companions by immortalising the friendship with print photography. The Harvey Norman Photo Centre specialises in photo printing—on just about anything! Coffee mugs, calendars, 3D picture frames and giant wall prints can be easily customised to incorporate any picture, including those that feature a beloved pet.

pet_photo_giftHere, we’ve picked out a few photo gift ideas for the passionate pet owners in your life:

  • Go Big or Go Home: These photo gift options are for the big-hearted pet lovers. Harvey Norman Photo Centre offers high-quality canvas and wall printings for larger-than-life photos. If a 3-foot, panoramic enlargement of the family puppy comes off as overwhelming, take it down a notch with your choice of metal or glass prints. These sleek, durable prints protect and modernise your image, producing a unique, crystal-clear viewing experience.

  • Accessories: If big and grandiose isn’t your style, go small and sweet. Pet owners can accessorise their favorite animal photos into pocket-sized presents anyone can enjoy. Photo key rings easily attach to a keychain while porcelain magnets reinvigorate a special memory every time the fridge is opened. Both come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Drink It Up: Although a simple cup may not sound like an extravagant gift, custom-made drink ware with printed photos make the perfect mix of utility and memorable photography. The printers at Harvey Norman Photo Centre have the ability to customise an ordinary coffee mug, coolers or water bottle into a personalised masterpiece. Pet owners can sip, chug or gulp their preferred beverage while reliving their favorite pet memory with vivid detail.

With so many photo gift options, it’s hard to choose just one. No matter your choice, pet owners are encouraged to indulge, love and care for their animals the best they can. Creative photo printing With Fujifilm and Harvey Norman Photo is a great first step. You can see all photo gift options here.

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