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2 Ways In-Store Tablets Lead to Efficient Employees & Happy Customers

digital_tablet_retailTablet devices allow retailers to deliver powerful shopping experiences, from incorporating interactive displays along store windows to presenting timely and relevant product advertisements throughout digital devices in store. The portability of these devices gives store personnel and customers a more efficient and effective tool to engage customers and deliver an elevated shopping experience.

Whilst there are many ways retailers can use tablets in store, here are the top two reasons you should be using tablets to transform the shopping experience for your customers and your staff:

Give Employees Access to Real-Time Information

By incorporating digital elements into the shopping experience, your store personnel are able to serve as more than just sales associates. Your staff has the ability to serve as brand experts and become more  effective sales professionals.

For example, with access to mobile-based, web-enabled tools, such as smartphones or tablets, sales personnel can access retail applications that provide insight on inventory data and individual sales performance.

Additionally, retailers can use in-store tablets to give staff quick and easy access to trainings on store operations and new products. This has the potential to make the training process more efficient and  equip staff with the most up-to-date information without removing them from the sales floor.

Tablet devices can also enhance staff interactions with your customers. With an Internet-enabled device in hand, associates can access web ordering features for customers on the sales floor, engage clients with website content and features and update information within customer data profiles.

Delight Customers with Interactive Digital Content and Better Service

Tablets can also be powerful tools you can use to elevate the shopping experience for your customers, which many of them prefer. When asked why digital content is preferable to traditional in-store  advertising channels, such as printed signs, 53 percent of customers reported it was far more interesting, and 48 percent said digital information was more entertaining. More importantly, 60 percent of customers are more likely to tell someone about their experience within one to three days when exposed to interactive in-store advertising, according to a Gesturetek Arbitron study.

By incorporating digital content into tablets and digital signage, you can ensure your in-store advertisements and promotions are timely, accurate and up to date to create the most engaging shopping experience.

Additionally, tablets give consumers the ability to have digital experiences in store. For instance,retailers can explore how touchscreen devices can be used as interactive mirrors on sales floors. Plus, tablets can also lead to greater customer service by providing a mobile platform for completing transactions.

Incorporating digital signage into your retail locations is imperative to engage customers and provide an elevated shopping experience from the moment they enter your store to the second they complete a transaction. Download our free Fujivision guide to discover everything you need to know about digital signage.

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