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3 Reasons You Need Automated Multichannel Marketing Software

automated_multichannel_marketing_softwareToday’s fragmented media landscape calls for a new marketing model—one that has evolved from previous generations to capture customers’ attention and engage them with your brand across various channels. According to Forrester, 77 percent of marketing professionals believe they will drive more sales and profit by evolving into an effective multichannel marketing company.

To be a successful multichannel marketer and optimise customer engagement through digital and/or offline channels, you must be able to effectively manage your marketing processes across all channels from start to finish—from strategy development to content creation and publishing.

But is your business prepared to handle growing multichannel marketing demands? You may need a process or automated solution to streamline your multichannel marketing efforts. Here are three reasons why:

1. Your Publishing and Proofing Lacks Process

Finalising a piece of content, whether it’s an image for a poster or a subject line for an email campaign, can require multiple rounds of proofs, edits and updates. What’s more, if your teams are dispersed, time-zone differences can make the process even more time-consuming.

Collaborating electronically through a digital proofing process allows stakeholders to review, edit and approve assets from virtually any computer in the world. People required in the proofing process can be involved regardless of their location. Also, a well-defined workflow streamlines the process, reduces the complexity, and allows for clear and final deadlines for users.

For example, University of Wollongong needed uniform content across its many facilities, but its workflow processes created bottlenecks and inhibited workflow automation. The university adopted an automated multichannel marketing software platform to facilitate the creation, updating, storage and publication management of all its digital assets within a single system. The software easily integrated into the university’s production workflow, increased efficiency amongst users and facilitated consistent branding across multiple facilities.

2. Your Teams Communicate From Silos

If your marketing teams are dispersed, or you have stakeholders creating and publishing collateral at various locations, this could present communication issues for your multichannel marketing efforts. For example, channel- or location-specific teams may not have insight on the marketing campaigns or assets being created. These communication silos reduce the opportunity for collaboration and alignment. What’s more, different reporting structures between teams inhibit your ability to ensure consistency in messaging, branding and customer experience.

To increase efficiency and consistency within your organisation, you must first understand who is contributing to your multichannel efforts and how you can work together. Multichannel marketing software, for instance, can help you integrate your assets, create transparency in your production workflows and facilitate collaboration amongst cross-channel teams.

3. Your Customers Are Evolving—So Are Your Marketing Demands

Access to new platforms and devices means your customers are more connected than previous generations and expectations are higher for brands. To support customers’ evolving demands, businesses must be able to evolve their internal marketing operations. Multichannel marketing software can streamline the asset creation and approval process and provide a framework for managing revisions and assets before publishing on various channels.

With FUJIFILM Marketing Communications Portal, for instance, you can streamline the process even further with templates for pre-approved assets and more. For businesses working with agencies and franchisees, your colleagues can use these templates to easily create customised, on-brand materials for localised marketing.

As a business with growing marketing demands, you require a solution that can streamline your marketing workflows and give you complete control over your document creation and proofing processes. Marketing Communications Portal, powered by FUJIFILM, is a cloud-based multichannel marketing and publishing solution designed to give you control over your digital assets. Click here to discover how Marketing Communications Portal can make your operation more efficient.


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