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4 Channels Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy Is Missing

medium_2574659719Which channels are you using to market your business? According to Margin Media, email is the most used online marketing channel by Australian businesses and marketers, followed by SEO. Other media  that make up a significant percentage of modern multichannel marketing strategies include tradeshows  and events, direct mail and social media marketing.   

Perhaps these channels are already well-embedded into your marketing strategy, but implementing  alternate channels can help your business:

  • Expand its brand’s reach
  • Target new audiences
  • Experiment with more cost-effective channels

If you’re ready to go beyond popular marketing avenues like blogs, social media and trade shows and  willing to incorporate new elements into your strategy, consider the marketing channels below:


You may already be familiar with SlideShare and use it to share business presentations. But with more  than 10 million presentations and three billion views a month, it’s clear SlideShare has become a  strategic channel for marketing collateral as well. In addition to sharing PowerPoint presentations, you  can upload infographics, videos and text documents to SlideShare. Another benefit of the platform is its  ability to generate leads by offering a form at the end of your presentation—users can complete the  form to get more information about your company, product or service, and you can use the viewers’  information in targeted lead nurturing campaigns. 

Customer Referrals

A customer referral program is another channel you could incorporate into your multichannel marketing  strategy to generate high-quality leads. According to findings from the Wharton School of Business,  referred customers are 18 percent more likely to stay with a company over time than the average, off- the-street customer. To get started, consider how you’ll promote the program, which clients you’ll seek  referrals from and how you’ll generate interest for your program with high-value incentives. 

Co-Marketing Webinars, Ebooks and Events

When two brands work together on a promotional effort, like an ebook, webinar or event sponsorship,  it’s known as “co-marketing.” These partnerships allow businesses to promote a piece of content  together and share the results through leads, contacts or traffic. If there’s mutual interest between you  and another business to co-market, start by choosing a topic that would appeal to both target  audiences. Then determine the best channel for promoting your content and delivering your co- marketed assets. 

Traditional Channels

Digital channels are useful for promoting your brand and measuring the effectiveness of such channels,  but new research from Australia Post and the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising  found the most effective channels for influencing Australians’ purchase decisions are actually  “traditional media,” such as catalogues and flyers. So, before you over-invest in digital channels,  consider how effective your existing direct mail, TV ads and radio spots are at attracting and converting  customers. 

After testing and experimenting with new channels, you may decide to incorporate some of them into  your long-term strategy. Such channel diversity can help you deliver the right message to the right  audience at the right time. However, implementing a multichannel strategy requires a solution for  managing multiple assets and an efficient production workflow.

Multichannel marketing software gives you complete control over your document creation and proofing  processes, so you can ensure consistent branding and messaging across assets and channels. A  multichannel marketing solution also allows your business to:

  • Easily find, control and access digital assets across the departments and locations  
  • Efficiently localize branding and marketing for franchisees and agencies
  • Automate digital publishing and print production processes

For more tips on managing your marketing assets, controlling your brand and building a marketing  program using multiple channels, download the ebook “7 Ways to Optimise Your Multichannel  Marketing Strategy.”

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