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4 Tips for Multichannel Marketing Success

multichannel_marketing_In today’s marketplace, the only constant is change. As soon as marketers master one method of communication, another opportunity is thrown into the mix—and the list only continues to fragment further. No longer is it possible to effectively reach your potential customer base with television commercials, radio ads and a few pieces of direct mail. Thanks to the advent of the internet, and subsequent development of connected mobile devices, there are more touch points than ever before. In addition to traditional marketing methods, you have the opportunity to convey your message digitally via your website, social media, text messaging, geolocation advertising and more.

However, with so many channels through which to reach potential customers, how can you manage to be in all necessary places at once without missing an integral step? Consider a few of the best practices to multichannel marketing success.

1: Always Keep Your Customer in Mind

It’s completely possible to become so wrapped up in the complexity of your multichannel marketing strategy that you forget the most important part: your audience. The primary reason for developing a multichannel game plan is to allow your customers to interact with you in the methods they feel most comfortable using. So you need to make it easy for them to get in touch with you in a variety of ways. This could mean offering 24-hour customer support not only by phone or email, but also via Twitter. It also means having a streamlined process for each and every channel.

2: Choose Marketing Channels Wisely

The best channels to use for your messages depend greatly on the consumers who make up your audience. In other words, you may be able to eliminate a channel or two based on the habits of your customers. This can help you to save your marketing dollars for more fruitful methods. For example, if your target audience is of the generation Y persuasion, you may discover local radio stations and print newspapers are not the best places to share your message. Instead, you could reallocate those funds to social media marketing.

Also, keep in mind that multichannel marketing works best when you pair two or more channels together simultaneously. For example, a campaign could target desktop and mobile users during work hours, and then target television and mobile users during prime time cable hours.

3: Continually Perfect the User Experience

You’ve finalised your multichannel marketing strategy, and all pieces are cohesive and operating seamlessly. Your employees are content, your customers are happy and your process is as streamlined as you can possibly imagine. Now you can kick back and relax, right? Wrong. 

A successful multichannel marketing strategy requires constant maintenance. It’s not enough to follow the multichannel user experience trends within your industry—you have to remain on the cutting edge. This is the only way to grab and keep your customers attention. While your strategy may be working perfectly for you today, it could be outdated in just a few months’ time.

4: Stay Organised

A multichannel marketing strategy is nothing without organisation. In fact, with so many messages traveling via so many channels, organisation is more than simply a best practice—it’s a requirement.

Without proper organisation, you run the risk of making major mistakes that can scar your brand’s image and tarnish your credibility. So, with so much messaging going on, how do you keep it all straight? The best option is to keep all messaging content and customer communication in one place.

Luckily, such a solution does exist. Multichannel marketing software can help you establish a process, improve communication between team members and support customer demands. By using this sort of automated approach, you can save time, reduce costs, publish content faster and, most importantly, ensure accuracy. 

In order to streamline your process and improve your multichannel marketing success, you must start with optimisation. To learn more, download our free eBook, “7 Ways to Optimise Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy,” to get started today.

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