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7 Top Tips for Helping Your e-newsletters Stand Out

Seven tips to make sure your e-newsletter stands outWhether you’re thinking about creating an e-newsletter for your business or you already have one, you certainly want it to be effective in helping you build brand awareness, generate sales leads and keeping your brand top of mind. But the truth is it takes a lot of time, energy and organisation to ensure your e-newsletter is garnering the results you expect. 

Here are seven top tips for making your e-newsletters stand out:

1: Know your audience.

The key to creating effective e-newsletters is to know your audience and what it wants. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you are getting the right information to the right people—you certainly don’t want to repeat the Shutterfly snafu where the wrong list of email addresses received a “Congrats on your baby” email. The response was as expected: not good. To keep messaging from going rogue, start by understanding your audiences, then segment your email lists accordingly based on the information each list would like to receive. 

2: Don’t overwhelm your customers with graphics.

You don’t know what kind of capabilities each individual email provider or mobile device may have, and they may not be able to upload many images quickly. Always add alt text to your images so text will show up when graphics don’t. Then go one step further: Make it easy for your customers to figure out the main message of your e-newsletter by keeping your images to a minimum.

3: Grab attention with your subject line.

Subject lines demand a lot of attention, as they must not only be creative in order to stand out, but they must also be exciting in order to invoke action. You want your recipients to open your emails immediately when they see the subject line, otherwise your e-newsletter may become buried under the hundreds of other messages in their inbox.

4: Keep promotional content to just 10 percent.

If you’re constantly pushing your product or service, your customers may become annoyed and stop reading your e-newsletter. Worse, they may even stop buying from you. So, keep your promotional content to about 10 percent, and fill the rest of your email with high quality, educational content. If you offer your customers helpful information that applies to their everyday lives, they’ll enjoy reading your e-newsletters and keep coming back for more. 

5: Tell your customers what to expect when they subscribe.

Nobody likes to be bombarded by the unexpected, so be transparent when you ask your buyers to sign up for your e-newsletter. Let them know how many emails they will be receiving and when, and make it clear why they will want to receive your message each time. When you set clear expectations, there will be fewer unsubscribes and fewer messages marked spam. 

6: Make it easy for your customers to unsubscribe.

This tip may sound counterproductive, but it is far better to have recipients unsubscribe from your messaging than mark it as spam, as mentioned above. Offer a link to an unsubscribe option toward the bottom of your email. You may even want to allow them to change their preferences, like only receiving your e-newsletter once a month rather than once a week. It keeps buyers engaged on their terms. 

7: Stay organised with a multichannel marketing solution.

Marketing materials can quickly become unorganised and hard to locate, especially when there are several versions of an element, like e-newsletters. Using a marketing and publishing solution allows you to keep all of your elements, including logos, images and templates, organised. It also helps control versions and drafts, so your audience only sees the best side of you. It can even help you manage your email lists so only the right messaging ever sees recipients’ inboxes. 

To learn more about how a multichannel marketing and publishing solution can help you create high quality newsletters your audience will be excited to receive, check out our free guide: 7 Ways to Optimise Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy.

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