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Accelerate Catalogue Automation with a Marketing Channel Portal

multi_channel_portal-2Congratulations! You’ve built a successful company that has grown to include multiple independent locations. Or perhaps you’re a franchisee or wholly own one site, or many, within a large network of locations spread across the country, in industries ranging from real estate and retail to healthcare.

But how are your company’s multiple sites communicating with one another? How communication occurs between sites, especially when it comes to managing and customising multichannel marketing materials, affects how you communicate with your customer. And, unfortunately, companies with several locations or owners produce communications that are fragmented, especially regarding how materials are created, saved and distributed.

If you haven’t thought about optimising your multichannel marketing strategy, you may not be reaching your target customers.

A multichannel marketing software platform designed to streamline the process of sharing and personalising marketing materials among the independently owned sites of a company may be exactly what you need. The Cloud-based system serves as a one-stop shop for site owners to access assets, share templates and create personalised, print-ready PDFs of brochures and catalogues.

An example of how a multichannel marketing software can optimise a company’s marketing activity would be the way it can streamline catalogue production. By bringing together each site’s catalogue materials into a shared bundle stored digitally and easily accessed, the automation process of customising a catalogue is enhanced, and site owners can tailor it specifically to their target customer.

Let’s say a large liquor wholesaler or distributor wants to produce a customised wine portfolio where they used to instead produce a portfolio that included every single bottle of wine. Some customers are only interested in about 25 percent of that portfolio, so now that wholesaler can produce a portfolio that includes only what the customer actually wants. They can also suggest different varieties of wine for that particular target segment.

With quick access to templates, a site owner can edit marketing materials with their customer in mind, add the site’s address and contact information and produce a catalogue that is customised, but still on brand, and get it out to their customer quickly.

On top of accelerating catalogue automation and customising marketing materials, a breakdown of some of the other key reasons your multisite organisation needs a marketing channel portal includes:

  • Increased content quality and preservation of brand identity
  • Easier access and control of digital assets across your business, with a reduction in duplicate updates and faster turnaround of projects and approvals
  • Increased output and reduced costs with an automated approach to electronic media management and publishing

With all materials collected and stored digitally in the Cloud, there is a greater sense of visibility, which creates a cascading effect in terms of streamlining of processes, and provides a more detailed chain of costs associated with producing multichannel marketing materials.

And, generally, the costs go down when using a software that strengthens efficiency. A smoother workflow leads to increased productivity. While shared access to on-brand marketing materials and ease of customisation lends itself to a better end product and increased sales, the customer is ultimately being better served.

As a successful business operating multiple sites, it’s important to optimise your marketing demands and gain control over your document creation process. FUJIFILM’s Marketing Communications Portal can give you control over your digital assets, eliminating the fragmentation that can occur when your business is comprised of many independent locations spread across a large area.

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