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4 Steps to Plan for ROI in Multichannel Marketing

How did you measure the success of your last marketing campaign? Perhaps you surpassed a few of your top-level goals, or you’re simply pleased you were able to launch the campaign without delay. However, you still struggle to showcase your campaign’s success to the leadership team and other departments.

According to the BRITE-NYAMA Marketing in Transition Study, 65 percent of respondents said measuring the effectiveness of marketing across different digital media is a “major challenge" for their businesses. This could be attributed to lacking customer data within their organisations to effectively measure marketing return on investment (ROI).

But don’t give up hope just yet. Not all ROI metrics are lost, especially when you plan for it at the onset of your multichannel marketing efforts. To ensure you’re evaluating ROI throughout the lifetime of your campaigns, consider the four steps below:

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Accelerate Catalogue Automation with a Marketing Channel Portal

Congratulations! You’ve built a successful company that has grown to include multiple independent locations. Or perhaps you’re a franchisee or wholly own one site, or many, within a large network of locations spread across the country, in industries ranging from real estate and retail to healthcare.

But how are your company’s multiple sites communicating with one another? How communication occurs between sites, especially when it comes to managing and customising multichannel marketing materials, affects how you communicate with your customer. And, unfortunately, companies with several locations or owners produce communications that are fragmented, especially regarding how materials are created, saved and distributed.

If you haven’t thought about optimising your multichannel marketing strategy, you may not be reaching your target customers.

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Multichannel Marketing Inspirations for 2015

Today’s consumer never stays in one place, which is why your marketing campaigns shouldn’t either. With multichannel marketing, companies can communicate with potential customers across numerous channels—both online and off. This approach also gives consumers the chance to choose how they interact with a business, resulting in a higher rate of completed conversions.

In fact, during a research study commissioned by Google, consumers were asked to look at content on a TV set, computer, smartphone and a tablet. Of the group that viewed content through only one channel, just 50 percent recalled the brand being advertised. However, of the group that viewed content via all four channels, 74 percent were able to remember the brand name.

Additionally, according to asurvey administered by myBuys, 72 percent of consumers preferred multichannel marketing, yet only 39 percent reported receiving it. Not only is multichannel marketing the most effective strategy for reaching consumers, it’s what the consumer wants.

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