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Best Practices for Utilising Digital Signage

Digital signage is an incredibly effective marketing solution—as long as it’s used well. Here, we look at some of the best tips, which will help you ensure your digital marketing efforts don’t go unnoticed.

digital_signage_instoreThink About Your Audience

The people looking at your signs may be tall, short or disabled, so it’s important everyone can easily see your signage. This isn’t just about height—it has a lot to do with how your digital content is displayed. Your signs should be easy to read from a distance, so you’ll want to ensure you:

  • Choose text colours that stand out from the background colour
  • Avoid using white, light or neon colours on dark backgrounds
  • Keep font sizes large, especially for your main messages
  • Select a text that is easy to read—not something that has odd-shaped letters or letters that are too close together

If you are using interactive signage, you’ll also want to be aware of the accessibility of those signs. Consider having buttons or accessible elements closer to the ground. If your signage is used as a directory (as commonly seen in shopping centres), make sure your maps mark out whether the route is accessible for those in wheelchairs or who cannot take the stairs.

Make Them Come to You

You will get the best results from your digital signage if your message gets users to act on it. This means you need to come up with a simple and clear message that encourages those passing by to visit your store or buy your product. This can be done by giving the information needed by the viewer (phone number, address, opening times etc) or using a different colour text for your call to action so it stands out on the screen.

Keep it simple!

If your signage looks busy and cluttered, people likely won’t take the time to look at it—you want to keep your words short and succinct so they grab people’s attention quickly. Focus on delivering ONE message per screen rather than cramming everything into one.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Pretty pictures are wonderful; however, it’s important they’re relevant to what you’re advertising. Simple images that add to your messages are far better than complex ones that distract the attention away from your message. You will want to choose a size for your image that matches or exceeds the output resolution and also a size that uses standard aspect ratios.

For signage that uses multiple content zones, remember that less is more—that is, fewer zones are often more effective, as too much information will overwhelm and distract most viewers.

Think About How Long People will be Standing There

If your sign presents a rotating loop of screens, think about how long people will be standing there and how many screens they’ll see. For example, a store inside a shopping centre will generally only captivate audiences as they walk past the store on their way to another. A doctor’s office, on the other hand, will have people waiting for a significant amount of time where they are more likely to look at the screen for a while. Signs in areas where passing traffic is high need to grab the attention of viewers as quickly as possible, where signs in areas where viewers will be there for some time have the opportunity to present a wider variety of messages.

Keep it Fresh and Interesting

People may be passing your sign each day as they walk by or visit a store, so you want to make sure you keep your content fresh and interesting. Update signage with the seasons and holidays and advertise different products and services at different times.

Testing, Testing

Before uploading your content onto the screens, test it to make sure it will look good on the signs, as your aspect ratios and readability may be different to your computer. Have a look at the signs during a “slow” time before you start advertising to your customers using this content.

Find What Works for You

Every business is different—as is every customer. Think about how effective your signage is and take notice of how many people are coming into your store, commenting on the signs or buying the advertised product or service. You will begin to recognise a pattern, which you can use to your advantage by looking at what is working best in that content and replicating it.

Perhaps the most important best practice, though, is choosing the right system. Learn more about Fujivision Digital Signage in Call To Find Out More

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