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7 Factors to Choosing an Automated Multichannel Marketing Software

factors when choosing an automated multichannel marketing solutionMultichannel marketing is the most effective strategy for repeatedly reaching as many customers as possible – but it can be hard to manage on your own. Even if you're running a relatively small business, it's going to become difficult faster than you’d think to manage email marketing, a website, hard copy ads and more.  

And, even if you hire a marketer for those tasks, manually synchronising branded content across multiple channels is going to be tough. Whether you're working alone or employ an entire marketing team, a multichannel marketing software solution will help increase output, reduce costs and keep your content consistent.  

Here are a few considerations you need to make when choosing the ideal solution for you.  

1: How will you manage your digital assets?

Have you found a solution for sharing and syncing files? If you've got several people working on an array of content – or even if you're working alone through several different channels and on multiple devices – you'll need to be able to pull up the latest versions of whatever content you're going to edit or use.  

2: Who will proofread your content, and how?

You'll also need to be able to manage access to files and grant the appropriate people permission to proofread and edit your content. With a fully fledged multichannel marketing strategy, collaboration is key.  

3: Do you have a system for ticketing?

When you think of multichannel marketing, you might think mainly of email, website promotionals and other electronic communications – but hard copy sales materials are still important. To efficiently reach customers through as many channels as possible, you'll want a solution that can quickly produce tickets, point-of-sales materials and printer-friendly PDFs. You'll also need the ability to create business cards, letterhead and other forms of stationary – all branded to match your other online and paper-based communications.  

4: How important are email and digital publishing to your business?

A highly populated email list is important for just about every business, but to what degree do you leverage yours? If email marketing comprises a significant portion of your marketing efforts, your multichannel marketing software should assist you in managing your lists, emailing content at timed intervals and branding each email.  

5: How many of your channels require similar or synced content?

When you're managing multiple online and offline channels, you don't have time to manually create every piece of content. Fortunately, many software solutions make it easy to synchronis e identical or similar content across several channels so you can avoid manual steps and save valuable time.  

6: Do you have a large list of products to sell?

Aside from emails, postcards and other short-form communications, you may need a catalog of your wide selection of products. With software-enabled collaboration and synchronisation, you and your team can quickly put together an electronic, printable product catalog – a must for capturing the attention of smart, cautious shoppers.  

7: Do you require an automated fulfillment process?

Finally, a good multichannel marketing solution should not only streamline your communications to potential buyers – it should make the buying process itself easier! Online ordering is expected among customers, and it can drastically reduce the workloads of your staff.  

To learn more about effective multichannel marketing software – and the strategies you should employ while using it – download our free guide to optimising your strategy today.

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