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5 Considerations When Developing Digital Signage Content for Retail

developing_digital_signage_content_retailResearch shows digital signage has the ability to enhance the customer experience and drive business results: According to studies by Gesturetek, 48 percent of customers reported digital signage is more entertaining than traditional advertising. Additionally, digital signage displays have been shown to increase sales volume by 32 percent. 

However, to get these kinds of results, retailers must use digital signage to create a positive experience for consumers and share messages that resonate with shoppers, all through digital signage content. 

Before you start creating content for your digital signage displays, here are five things you should consider:

1. Your Customers

You’re already an expert on your customers and you know and understand their shopping habits. Use your knowledge of customer needs, pain points and challenges to create digital signage content that will resonate with them. To make your content even more compelling, consider how you could use digital signage to answer common questions you receive from customers. For example, if you just released a new version of a camera and customers frequently ask about the differences between the new camera and an older version, create a digital signage slide that highlights the top three benefits of the new camera version. 

2. Your Staff

You can also consider your digital signage content as an additional staff training tool. Your content can help inform store personnel on product knowledge and store events so they can stay updated on what they need to know to become more effective employees and sales professionals.

3. Feeding the Monster

Keeping consumers engaged with your digital displays requires you to have a library of content you can access to keep content fresh and relevant at all times. To make sure you’re equipped to frequently update your content, you can:

  • Include a variety of images in your digital content library
  • Create templates for easy content creation
  • Plan out content in advance by marketing and sales objectives
  • Create the same message in different formats for quick reference and content experimentation

4. Content Loops

To take full advantage of your digital displays, you should create a playlist or loop that alternates messages, images and calls to action. The Digital Signage Association suggests using much shorter content loops made up of high-impact visual content. Other tips from the Digital Signage Association include:

  • Create “snack size” content the viewer can digest in bite-sized pieces
  • Avoid too much text
  • Change the messages often
  • Change the durations of your content based on customer shopping patterns and time of day

5. Your Call to Action

Every piece of digital signage content should entice the viewer to take an action. Therefore, the calls to action you share should be simple, strong and direct. Make sure your call to action stands out by using a strong color for your text. Also, include details, such as a date, URL or social media icon, to direct the viewer to take the action. 

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