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FujiVISION Introduces Digital Signage Audience Analytics

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Have you ever wondered how your digital signage is performing for you? FUJIFILM Australia has been working with world class audience analytics vendor Quividi to integrate real time metrics in to its FujiVISION digital signage solution. The marriage of the two solutions means that FujiVISION customers now have access to real time measurements of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Metrics such as opportunity to see (potential), watchers (attraction) and dwell time (engagement), provide in depth insights into how your digital content is working for you and whether some content isn’t providing the desired results.

Customers can drill down in to the performance of individual advertising assets providing invaluable feedback on each and every part of your digital screen’s playlist. The solution also provides data on the demographics of your audience so you know exactly who’s engaging with your campaigns. Being able to recognise age, gender, mood, and other facial features allows marketers to measure content effectiveness, letting you know if the message is being delivered to your target audience and even how it was received.

With audience analytics, you now have the ability to spot gaps where you may be missing out on talking to potential customers and can adjust your marketing messaging to reach more engaged audiences. Site to site comparisons, internal facing vs. external facing messaging and geo based reporting are all easily configured with powerful automated graphical charts from the online dashboard.

 One of the most valuable features of audience analytics with Quividi is the ability to trigger content based on who the watcher is based on their age, gender or mood. This brings a whole new dimension to dynamic, intelligent and interactive messaging and means you can target the right message to the right person.

 The FujiVISION and Quividi solution propels digital signage into a new era where you are no longer left ‘guestimating’ the performance of your digital signage and advertising. Instead, we can now provide you with a powerful and insightful platform that can be used to assist in driving your marketing forward, helping you to generate maximum engagement with your digital content whist reaching and talking to your target audience.

At FujiVISION, we offer a full end-to-end digital signage solution, managing and integrating all the necessary components. Find out more about our solution or get in touch to arrange a demonstration.


Photo credit: Fujifilm Australia’s FujiVISION digital signage solution in a Max Brenner store.

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