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Multichannel Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

marketing-trendsAccording to Business Review Australia, online and international businesses will continue to be a threat to local retailers in 2014 and into the foreseeable future. To make sure your business is ready, your multichannel marketing efforts will need to be taken to a new level. “Increasingly, customers use multiple channels including mobile apps and the web to find the information they need, relying less on their relationships with sales representatives,” says Abigail Phillips. “Businesses need to tap into every avenue necessary to reach existing and potential customers.”

Multichannel marketing encompasses a wide range of business functions to help marketers engage consumers. Gartner defines multichannel marketing as “optimising the customer engagement according to how customers want to talk, shop, buy and obtain services through digital and/or offline channels.”

Before you start transforming your marketing strategy to meet these demands, here are a couple multichannel marketing trends you should keep in mind:

Consumers Are Still Receptive to Traditional Marketing

Devices, from smartphones to tablets, are driving the importance of digital marketing. And because nearly 65 percent of Australians own a smartphone and use them to find and engage with brands, mobile marketing efforts have increased as a result.

Engaging with consumers via these types of digital channels can add value through measurability and customer profile information. But studies show consumers still have an affinity for traditional marketing and advertising channels. Australia Post and the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising reported consumers are more receptive to traditional advertising channels, such as catalogues, flyers, personalised direct mail and outdoor advertising, than digital marketing.

Takeaway: Blending traditional channels such as print with digital outlets may be the most effective strategy for engaging your audience.

As Digital Channels Increase, Content Challenges May Multiply

As your customers become more active on various channels, their channel preferences may evolve. Finding out where and how they prefer to receive information about your brand will help you engage customers with a relevant message through their favoured channel.

However, as the demand for channel engagement increases, so will your content demands (and challenges). For example, creating a consistent message, look and feel for your brand across channels; managing the volume of content requests; and coordinating the proofing, reviews and approvals of every asset can be time-consuming and stressful for any marketing department.

Takeaway: Your marketing department may require a digital transformation. Streamlining your workflows with multichannel marketing software can help facilitate the asset creation and proofing processes as well as communication between stakeholders.

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