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QSRs Driving Digital Signage Menu Boards Like the Ferrari They Are

Digital menu boards are quickly becoming a standard in the quick-service or fast casual restaurant space. Broader menu options, upsell opportunities and the ability to speed up service are just some of the many benefits of incorporating digital signage in the ever-evolving restaurant space.

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Is the Digital Signage Industry Finally Starting to Consolidate?

Is the digital signage industry starting to consolidate? After all, consolidation is a topic that’s been discussed in the industry for years. Digital Signage Today reached out to a few industry insiders to gauge their reactions to the news.

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So...Digital? Digitisation? Digitised?

What do these things mean to us in everyday life?

Sure, we know what they mean literally but what do the mean creatively and what are the common threads in moving from a hard copy analogue environment to a digital one?

Well, at Fujifilm a great deal of our business, like most other businesses are going - or have already gone - digital. Whilst this was a major change from the analogue world it was also a very natural and logical evolution for us, mainly as a result of our long history of technical innovation. It's the same technical innovation which has also led Fujifilm into so many more markets than simply film and photo printing - for example not everyone knows that Fujifilm is also involved in the graphic arts, diagnostic and preventative health, networking and professional photography industries across the globe...but more of that another time.

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MCP - The Digital + Print system to revolutionise the way you work.

In a previous post we touched on the different departments within Fujifilm Australia, one being the Commercial Division, which is headed up by Sturt Eastwood.  Within the Commercial Division sits Fujivision, which operates in conjunction with Fujifilm’s Marketing Communications Portal (MCP), a digital asset management solution & content management system.  MCP comprises of a series of customisable modules, each easily accessed from any computer worldwide, without the need for specialised software.

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Content Is King when it comes to Digital Signage

Lets get excited about Content.  Let's make it visually appealing and dynamic, lets stand out from the crowd and produce something worth taking notice of.

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Digital Signage...What is the right option for my business?

When you think of Digital Signage, the first question that may strike you is the flexibility of the solution. Will I be able to scale to more screens in the future? Will the media player offer support for multiple channels?  Will it be cost effective? and so on...And, the answer is “YES” with Fujivision Digital Signage.

Fujivision can be offered as a single channel player or multi channel player. I will walk you through the benefits of both…

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Fujifilm sets up Commercial Division

Fujifilm Australia has recently structured it's business to adapt to our changing markets and changing business requirements, so we've now split our business into 2 broad divisions. 

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