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What’s the Difference Between Omnichannel and Multichannel Marketing?

Given the growing importance of digital advertising, as well as the rise of data mining and viewer customisation, marketing to the same individual across multiple touch points is a must for today's businesses. While most tech-savvy retailers have embraced some form of multichannel marketing, few are taking full advantage of the specific attributes of each channel and the interplay between them.

Often referred to as “omnichannel” marketing, the creation of a consistent, interdependent customer experience across multiple channels is what most businesses should strive to achieve. The differences between multi- and omnichannel marketing are subtle, and the two strategies often overlap. But understanding their benefits is crucial for businesses looking to stand out in an economy in which customers are constantly bombarded with ads.

Here are a few of the most important purposes and tactics of multichannel and omnichannel marketing, as well as examples of companies successfully reaching customers through a variety of media.

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Digital signage messaging: Keep it short and sweet

Digital signage messaging should be just that – a message – not a lengthy narrative. The fewer words you use in your messages, the more impact they will have.

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Navigating the seas of emerging digital signage tech

Digital signage is growing at a rapid pace and many new technologies are hitting the market place and vying for attention. A recent webinar hosted by Digital Signage Today and Omnivex Corp., looked at new display, mobile and interactive technologies and highlight the pros and cons of each.

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Digital Signage Powers Next Gen Vending Machines

Mondelez International Inc. is rolling out a digital signage – powered vending machine network to promote and sell brands ranging from Oreos to Chips Ahoy! to Sour Patch Kids.

The Diji-Touch interactive vending machine acts like a marketing engine to heighten consumer engagement at the point of purchase!

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Social Media Feeds Increase Digital Signage Impact

Social media feeds increase digital signage impactCheck out these best practices of social media applications with digital screens.

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Healthcare Messaging Group Switches to Signagelive, Samsung Displays

The Healthcare Messaging Group, a digital signage service provider for National Health Service trusts in England, switches to Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform powered by Signagelive to publicize healthcare initiatives and hospital information.  

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Panera Orders Up Self-Service Kiosks and Digital Signage Screens

Panera is overhauling its restaurants using kiosks, digital signage screens and mobile to speed up service.

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Lithuania Cinema Chain Deploys Samsung Digital Signage Platform

Lithuania’s largest cinema chain transitions from static signage to dynamic digital signage content, such as digital menu boards, to engage with cinema goers. This interactive content not only gives Forum Cinemas an ultra-modern image, it offers great flexibility and could help increase overall revenue.

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So...Digital? Digitisation? Digitised?

What do these things mean to us in everyday life?

Sure, we know what they mean literally but what do the mean creatively and what are the common threads in moving from a hard copy analogue environment to a digital one?

Well, at Fujifilm a great deal of our business, like most other businesses are going - or have already gone - digital. Whilst this was a major change from the analogue world it was also a very natural and logical evolution for us, mainly as a result of our long history of technical innovation. It's the same technical innovation which has also led Fujifilm into so many more markets than simply film and photo printing - for example not everyone knows that Fujifilm is also involved in the graphic arts, diagnostic and preventative health, networking and professional photography industries across the globe...but more of that another time.

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Key Components to Creating Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a fast growing industry and it's easy to see why.  It allows you to effectively present information to customers on products, pricing and time-specific specials.  You can instantly update content on a National, State, Metro, Store or even individual screen level, whether you have 1 outlet or over 100 stores it's the most impactful channel to deliver training videos, sales performance, safety information and other business-critical data to staff across all stores at scheduled times 

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