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FujiVISION Introduces Digital Signage Audience Analytics

Have you ever wondered how your digital signage is performing for you? FUJIFILM Australia has been working with world class audience analytics vendor Quividi to integrate real time metrics in to its FujiVISION digital signage solution. The marriage of the two solutions means that FujiVISION customers now have access to real time measurements of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Metrics such as opportunity to see (potential), watchers (attraction) and dwell time (engagement), provide in depth insights into how your digital content is working for you and whether some content isn’t providing the desired results.

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How Fujifilm Australia Developed a Unique Digital Signage Solution for Vodafone Australia

The Fujivision digital signage solution developed exclusively by Fujifilm Australia for mobile network operator Vodafone is completely unique to any other solution worldwide.

The cloud-based solution which integrates Samsung commercial large format display (LFD) panels with built-in WiFi (commonly known as System on a Chip or SoC) and is powered by Signagelive (for which Fujifilm Australia is an integrator and preferred reseller) for content distribution was implemented to reduce Vodafone’s dependency on, and the cost of printed point-of-sale material for promotional activities and to move them to digital content delivery in store.

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Vodafone Hutchison Australia implements Samsung Smart Signage Platform powered by Signagelive

Signagelive’s cloud-based technology offers significantly reduced installation, operational and energy costs compared to conventional digital signage solutions.

FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd, has partnered with Signagelive, specialists in cloud-based digital signage software, to provide a nation-wide digital signage network to Vodafone Hutchison Australia as part of an expensive expansion programme by the MNO to increase its market share.

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Think Interactive When Creating Digital Signage Content for Users

Last month we discussed a few of the best types of content for in-store digital signs – video presentations, calendars, promotionals and more. While all of these options are great for retail outlets, they lack one thing that today's customers want to see – interactivity!

In addition to your view-only displays, you'll want to provide interactive signs that allow customers to engage through touch, gesture or both. Interactive displays draw customers in with their entertainment value, and they provide even more opportunities for you to cross-merchandise, up-sell and encourage future business. Here are a few of the best types of interactive content you should consider for your business.

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What Types of Content Should I Create for Digital Signage?

In-store shopping may still be popular in this digital age, but most of today's customers can't be sold solely with traditional marketing. To tell your brand's story and consistently market your merchandise, you'll need sophisticated digital marketing tools – and digital signage is one of the most effective.

As with any other marketing method, however, the quality and relevance of your content will determine your success. To take full advantage of digital signage, you'll need to use many types of content, several of which aren't even possible with static, paper-based signs. The following are a few of the best types of digital content for your retail outlets.

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How to Embrace the Connected Consumer with Digital Signage

With online shopping transforming the way consumers make purchasing decisions and engage with brands, brick and mortar retailers are experiencing added pressure to drive customers in-store while meeting their digital expectations. According to Olaf Swantee, CEO of UK-based telecommunications company EE, “73 percent of shoppers will abandon purchases if they have to wait longer than five minutes to make that purchase, meaning British retailers stand to lose £1.04 billion a year because of long queues at the checkout.” 

To meet consumers’ digital expectations in store, retailers need to embrace consumers’ desire to connect and engage with brands digitally and across multiple devices—“Retailers need to turn the brick and mortar store into an interactive digital experience and one that seamlessly touches the consumer across channels and devices,” Swantee says.

Digital signage is one dynamic tactic to engage customers and meet their needs for connectivity, taking your brand beyond the traditional, physical norms of brick and mortar. Retailers use digital signage displays to showcase products, branded videos and services. Here we share how digital signage can be an effective tool for fulfilling your customers’ digital expectations while promoting your brand and employees in-store.

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5 Considerations When Developing Digital Signage Content for Retail

Research shows digital signage has the ability to enhance the customer experience and drive business results: According to studies by Gesturetek, 48 percent of customers reported digital signage is more entertaining than traditional advertising. Additionally, digital signage displays have been shown to increase sales volume by 32 percent. 

However, to get these kinds of results, retailers must use digital signage to create a positive experience for consumers and share messages that resonate with shoppers, all through digital signage content. 

Before you start creating content for your digital signage displays, here are five things you should consider:

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2 Ways In-Store Tablets Lead to Efficient Employees & Happy Customers

Tablet devices allow retailers to deliver powerful shopping experiences, from incorporating interactive displays along store windows to presenting timely and relevant product advertisements throughout digital devices in store. The portability of these devices gives store personnel and customers a more efficient and effective tool to engage customers and deliver an elevated shopping experience.

Whilst there are many ways retailers can use tablets in store, here are the top two reasons you should be using tablets to transform the shopping experience for your customers and your staff:

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Sonic's plan for differentiation: Chocolate jalapeno shakes and interactive screens

Sonic's focus on customer experience has contributed to an increase in sales in Q2. The brand has a Point of Personalized Service initiative (POPS) to enhance the customer experience, drive sales and system profitability at store level. The POPS includes interactive screens in the drive-in lot that allows Sonic to engage the customer using mobile technology and social media.

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Location-based digital signage campaign launches 'The Lego Movie' in Australia

A location-based digital signage campaign launches ‘The Lego Movie’ in Australia! Large-format digital billboards have been placed in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Each creative variation features a Lego character with ad copy specific to that location through the promotion period.

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