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Digital Signage...What is the right option for my business?

When you think of Digital Signage, the first question that may strike you is the flexibility of the solution. Will I be able to scale to more screens in the future? Will the media player offer support for multiple channels?  Will it be cost effective? and so on...And, the answer is “YES” with Fujivision Digital Signage.

Fujivision can be offered as a single channel player or multi channel player. I will walk you through the benefits of both…

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Fujifilm sets up Commercial Division

Fujifilm Australia has recently structured it's business to adapt to our changing markets and changing business requirements, so we've now split our business into 2 broad divisions. 

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Jag joins Fujifilm

This is Fantastic news!

We all know Jag saves the day!  He's well respected and he's worked with the 'Big Guys'.  He really know's his stuff, is used to tracking, measuring and does his research before deploying any campaign.

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