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What’s the Difference Between Omnichannel and Multichannel Marketing?

Given the growing importance of digital advertising, as well as the rise of data mining and viewer customisation, marketing to the same individual across multiple touch points is a must for today's businesses. While most tech-savvy retailers have embraced some form of multichannel marketing, few are taking full advantage of the specific attributes of each channel and the interplay between them.

Often referred to as “omnichannel” marketing, the creation of a consistent, interdependent customer experience across multiple channels is what most businesses should strive to achieve. The differences between multi- and omnichannel marketing are subtle, and the two strategies often overlap. But understanding their benefits is crucial for businesses looking to stand out in an economy in which customers are constantly bombarded with ads.

Here are a few of the most important purposes and tactics of multichannel and omnichannel marketing, as well as examples of companies successfully reaching customers through a variety of media.

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