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Why You Should Invest in Multichannel Marketing Software in 2015

multichannel marketing software in 2015How do you spend the majority of your work week? If you’re anything like the average office worker  who spends 28 hours a week writing emails and searching for internal documents, your team could  benefit from online collaboration tools. These types of systems, like multichannel marketing software,  make workflows and collaboration processes more efficient. 

University of Wollongong experienced similar benefits after adopting a multichannel marketing solution.  The international research institution needed a much faster and more cohesive process for creating  university collateral while maintaining consistent branding across several facilities. Implementing  multichannel marketing software helped the university shorten delivery time, reduce print production  costs and improve the overall marketing workflow. 

Now, imagine what you and your colleagues could do if you spent less time seeking information and  assets and more time collaborating efficiently. If improving collaboration, production workflows and  asset organization is a priority for your business in 2015, multichannel marketing software may be your  solution. 

Here are three more reasons you should consider adopting this solution for your marketing operation: 

To Automate Catalogue Production

The process of conceptualizing, creating, proofing and editing any piece of printed collateral can be  strenuous on your team’s time and resources. With multichannel marketing software, your company  can streamline the creation and modification of any publication. Automating the production of  catalogues, web pages and emails can lead to:

  • Faster turnaround time by leveraging templates and automatic image converters
  • Improved accuracy by implementing a single source of imagery, assets and versions
  • Reduced costs by minimising production resources 

Catalogue automation is ideal for teams that need to turn collateral around quickly while synchronising  content across various marketing channels. In addition, a multichannel marketing solution can improve  efficiency in the catalogue production process while reducing costly errors.  

Better Create and Distribute Branded Collateral

Your business’ brand is a strategic asset on its own, defining the experience customers have when doing  business with you and when they consume the assets you create. Controlling your brand and ensuring it  looks and feels consistent across every piece of collateral is essential to make sure your marketing  materials are on brand, every time. Multichannel marketing software makes consistent brand  representation even easier by:

  • Offering greater visibility and control over file sharing and editing
  • Providing on-brand, customisable templates for print, emails, business cards and more

Speed Up Collateral Fulfillment

Along with improving the everyday production and branding of your marketing collateral, multichannel  marketing software provides an efficient solution for ordering and distributing assets to multiple  locations. For retailers, especially, you can order all the branded collateral you need, such as catalogues,  stationery or point-of-sale items, through a simple shopping-basket style ordering system—all within  your multichannel marketing system. 

Improving your internal collaboration and workflow processes is an important step toward more  efficient marketing operations. But it’s just one of many tactics you can employ to optimise your  multichannel marketing strategy. For more tips on managing your marketing assets, controlling your  brand and building a marketing program customer can’t resist, download the ebook “7 Ways to  Optimise Your Multichannel Marketing Strategy.”

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