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Fujivision acts as a medium that complements your traditional advertising and communication mediums. Our digital signage solution provides the flexibility to update the content on a national, state, metro, single store or individual screen level.

The FujiVISION digital signage solution offers you convenient, easy-to-use and immensely powerful features, including:

  • Simple upload of content
  • Content management
  • In-software editing capabilities
  • Media creation with playlists
  • URL loops
  • Access to outsourced channels for additional content— ie weather and news features
  • RSS feed & Ticker services
  • Layout creation within the screen
  • Simple scheduling

Our full end-to-end digital signage solution includes:

  • Customized digital signage solution designed by our indusry experts
  • Highly acclaimed Software license - Singagelive
  • Commercial grade hardware and fitting - Samsung Australia
  • High grade media player and/or Google Chrome hardware for a powerful, flexible and secure operation
  • Ongoing project management
  • Installation by industry experts
  • Variety of QA, technical, customer support options backed by FUJIFILM

Retail Digital Signage Benefits v. Traditional Retail POS

  • Allows for more targeted messaging and content reaching multiple audiences
  • Enhances customer engagement with your products, promotions and brands
  • Content management is more flexible, dynamic and easily managed
  • Creates a more immersive, visual brand experience in store
  • Better ROI and lower Total Cost of Ownership
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