Imagine Digital Printing and Ordering Solution


Imagine More Foot Traffic and Revenue

80% of customers who order photo prints online pick up in store

Your customers may be creative individuals striving to bring their photos to life through prints, photobooks or original wall decor. At the same time, they are strapped for time and want a way to create beautiful pieces of photographic art in the most efficient way possible.

A multichannel photo solution like Imagine allows your business to stay ahead of the competition and meet consumers’ creative needs by offering choice, flexibility and ease of use. Imagine cloud-based technology consists of a fully integrated kiosk, online platform and mobile app that engages customer at their creative core.

Fujifilm Imagine is an award-winning multichannel platform successfully used around the world and across major retail segments including independent photo retailers, mass merchants, drug stores, consumer electronics and grocery chains.

Why Retailers Use Fujifilm Imagine

  • Bring a new source of revenue to the business
  • Increase foot traffic—80% of customers who order online using Imagine choose to pick up in store
  • Give customers the ability to choose how they want to order, via in-store kiosk, online or mobile
  • Capture client information for strategic marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs
  • Offer an extensive range of photo gift products without having to invest in additional infrastructure such as machinery, data storage and consumables
  • Ease of use and maintenance due to the Cloud-based system

Win the Mobile Customer

The complete Imagine solution includes:

  • Imagine Online: An Internet-accessible digital print and gift ordering platform
  • Imagine Kiosk: Eye-catching in-store photo stations 
  • Imagine Mobile: Easy-to-use app that allows customers to place orders directly from smartphones