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10 Great Spots for a Photo Shoot

Posted by Fujifilm Instax October 21, 2015


Location, location, location! When taking pictures, that’s what will make or break your photo. Yet with so many beautiful places in the world, where should you start?

You don’t have to travel to exotic locations to get an amazing shot. Some of the most amazing pictures are places that can be found close by.

Luckily, instax has rounded up some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to share your pictures in awesome locations with us on our Facebook page.

An old barn

It may take a ride in your car to find one of these but they make for some exquisite shots, especially with sunlight. Inside or out, there are many unique ways to photograph a weathered old barn and bring some beauty back to a tattered building that has stood the test of time.

A tunnel

First of all, be sure the tunnel is not in a busy area and it is safe for you to take pictures! Tunnels can add depth and shadows to your pic, so try different instax modes that will make your pictures pop in either dark or light.

A field

Take advantage of natural light and wide open spaces in a field on a sunny day. Just beware of shadows that may appear under your subjects. Diffusers such as a white cloth can help remedy this.

Rain puddles

Let your inner child run free in the rain and make some wondrous stills of raindrops and puddles. The rain has long been a source of inspiration to photographers; why not catch it in action?

Flight of stairs

Stairs add excellent depth of field and can really spice up a simple pose. Try shooting from the top of the staircase down, and from the bottom toward the top. Add different-coloured decorations to the staircase for a warm, home-like feel.

Residential street

Even your neighbourhood can be a photo shoot location! With or without human subjects at the focus, capture all the beautiful colours of cars, trees, flowers and the sky. Get different angles and focus on different aspects of the street, or try taking photos at different times of the day for different colours and effects.

A garden

Gardens offer an abundance of colours, textures and shapes to photograph. Your only enemy in a garden may be the wind, so choose a calm day for the best images. Don’t forget the background — sometimes photogs focus so much on the subject they miss out on some great backdrops!

A playground

The varying levels of playground equipment makes for some spectacular stills. Just be careful — some parents may not appreciate you taking pics of their little ones. Only include children you know and have permission to photograph. Use the kids mode to capture their rapid movements and eliminate blurring.

A lake

Angled just right, you can catch the reflection of the lake’s surroundings on the water. You can’t change where the trees or mountains are, but you can move around the lake to capture these details from every direction. Use the curves of the lake as a compositional element.

A pier

Piers make a stunning photography location. Use landscape mode to capture both land and water in your shot. A great time of day to shoot is sunrise or sunset for bursts of colour. Try macro mode to get close-ups of the boardwalk and add some texture to your images.

What are some of your favourite locations for photo shoots? Let us know in the comments below.

photo credit: paulagnf

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