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5 instax Film Trends For 2016

Posted by Fujifilm Instax January 12, 2016

It’s no secret that the best way to make a memory time capsule of your holidays and newfound hobbies is to collect and share your Fujifilm instax film. Other than seeing and feeling your magical moments come alive through the power of instant photos, there are also many ways you can keep up with creative endeavours. Here are some insights into the latest instax film trends and ways for you to take part in the instax movement.

1. First up to the plate: foodie photos

We can’t get enough of these mouthwatering, savoury and colourful pictures. Food pictures have become a fast-growing trend around the world, and using your instax while doing so goes perfectly with this hobby.


Use your instax lighting features

While capturing your food photo, make sure your instax is in the right light setting. (Tip: Although the instax camera can work with any condition, the best setting is natural light.)

Your arrangement matters

Play around with your layout until everything is perfect. Add colourful foods to your plate to widen your viewer’s eyes. Angle your camera or get an overhead shot of your food to secure a foodie work of art.

2. Inception photos

These photos are all over the Internet and we are obsessed. Keep your memories alive by taking a photo of your instax photo against the same background. It is captivating and attractive to the eye.


Pick the perfect background

We recommend a bright and pretty scene such as the coast or somewhere by natural structures. (Tip: Use the instax mini wide to capture a larger view of the beautiful landscape.)

3. instax photos while DIY crafting

Using Fujifilm instax film with your DIY projects is the most creative and crafty way you can make your own trendy time capsule on the wall.


Collect as many instax photos as you can

The more memorable instax photos you have to use, the better your wall will look. Include as many people close to you as possible—there’s nothing worse than having a mate come over and see that you forgot to include him in your instax photo masterpiece.

Make sure you have all necessities

You will need pegs, clothes pins, twine, thumb tacks or washi tape. After gathering everything you need, attach your photos to the clothes pin and onto a long piece of twine taped to your wall. It works like a gem!

4. instax film frame designs

Spice up your photos using the many designs available for instax film; use them at parties and concerts to add an exciting feature to your glossy and fun photos.


Go all out

You can never go wrong when picking out your instax film—they are all equally amazing. Get creative with different types of designed film such as air-mail, rainbow, candy pop, comic and more.

5. Bring your instax with you on holiday

You don’t want to miss out on opportunities to document your travels. Stay prepared and stock up on instax film.


Let’s face it

There’s no better way to show off your monumental moments than to have instant photos of the actual event. Even after going on holiday, you will have beautiful mementos to look at and remember the trip.

Compare specifications and features to find the right instax camera for your lifestyle.

photo credit: instaxminiru, @meohmygirl, @frk.benedikte

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