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5 Tips for Photographing Your Pets

Posted by Fujifilm Instax May 27, 2015


In addition to perfectly posed selfies and snapshots of mouthwatering meals, the most popular photo subject gracing social media feeds is of the four-legged variety. We love our pets. Their adorable antics and hilarious expressions make life fuller, and we enjoy sharing these moments with our animal-loving mates.

Unfortunately, however, our furry friends aren’t always willing to comply. Photographing your pets can be a challenging endeavor, but we’ve got a few tips to help you capture better snapshots of your faithful companion.

1. Be Patient

First, and most importantly, make sure to exercise patience. Unless your pet is a highly trained actor, he probably doesn’t possess the discipline or understanding to remain still while you frame the perfect shot. If your pet is engaging with you too much, jumping about or running away, remain calm. Once he realises it’s not play time, he’ll relax and you can make the most of the opportunity.

2. Get Sneaky

Instead of waiting for your pet to calm down, you may choose to capture them in their element—paparazzi-style. There’s few better times to photograph your pets than when they’re preoccupied with another activity. By sneaking up on your cat while she takes an afternoon snooze, or your puppy while he’s focused on chewing a new rawhide, you’ll get a clear shot and an opportunity to capture them in their “natural habitat.”

3. Keep it One-on-One

Like people, pets have a tendency to get excited or uncomfortable when they’re the subject of too much attention. If you have an audience, you may not be able to get the photo you desire. Instead, keep it a private affair. If you’re at home and your family is distracting your pet, let them out to explore the yard and follow close behind. The fewer people around, the less hyper and stressed your subject.

4. Make it a Double Portrait

The exception to the rule above is when you’d like to include someone in the photo. Try posed portraits with your kitten seated on a friend’s lap, or have a family member give your pup a belly rub. If you want to capture more than one pet, wait for your furry pals to play and take advantage of the moment. When you frame pets together, the results are both hilarious and special.

5. Let them Take Control

Some pets are more active in the evening while others are more lively in the morning. Some pets spend their entire day sleeping and grooming themselves while others are always looking for trouble. Your little companion has a personality and flair all their own, so let it shine. Give them the spotlight and wait for the treasured moments to unfold.

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Photo Credit: sarah_kallansrud

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