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5 Ways to Capture Amazing Foodie Photos with instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax October 7, 2016


(Photo by @alabasterfox via instagram)

We couldn’t help but notice that some of the most popular subjects to shoot on the internet fall somewhere between an organic, ultra-vegan juice cleanse and a giant, mouthwatering burger with crisps. Amazing foodie photos are flooding today’s social media channels faster than we can digest! But taking an impressive food photo is easier said than done—they take thought, creativity and planning. Combining instax photography with your foodie photos lends a creative twist to your photography.

Below are five simple tips on how to plan, create and capture the BEST foodie photos using instax:

1. Inspire With Colour

Capture the attention of your social audience by using items with the same colour scheme in the shot. Use colourful food, dishes or accessories that stand out but still complement your shot as a whole.


(Photo by @meohmygirl via instagram)

2. A Touch of Simplicity

Sometimes the most amazing foodie photos have a simplistic clean look and feel to them. Use fresh food with a plain background and take advantage of a minimalistic setting. For example, a fresh green salad in a white bowl and a plain background using instax mini film to complement the image.

3. Style Your Layout

Bring your food photos to life by piecing your plates and other objects together based on similar textures and balance. Keep a keen eye out for your layout design. For example, make sure your colour patterns agree with one another and that there’s a balance between the items displayed in the photo. (Note: Make sure to minimize any clutter in the shot. A busy background could overwhelm your audience.)


(Photo by @mil_toledo via instagram)

4. Lights, instax, Action!

Use the recommended setting on your instax camera when taking the photo. Natural lighting is also a great way to capture your foodie masterpiece. Use your best judgement and move around if needed to capture the best lighting.

5. Take Multiple Angles

Your foodie photos do not need to be perfectly symmetrical. Your plate of food could look better from above, from the side or from a slanted angle. Find your own unique angle and run with it. (Note: Hold your camera steady to reduce any shaking that can cause your photos to look blurry.)


(Photo by @ironchefshellie via instagram)

Instant foodie photography is easy to figure out, and you can keep the photos to add to a scrapbook, recipe book or save the amazing foodie photos to share with friends and family. Happy food sharing!

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