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7 Ways to Customise instax Film to Match Your Style

Posted by Fujifilm Instax March 24, 2016


There's nothing like a fresh box of film to kickstart your creativity. But how can you make the most of the 10 shots within each pack? Customising your instax photos can add another layer of personal flair to your memorable images. If you have a collection of instax film or want to start a photo collection, you want to create unique shots you’ll enjoy for years to come. Bring that extra value into your instax photos by using them in creative displays around your home for yourself and others to enjoy.

Consider these seven ways to get the most out of your instax film by customising your photos to better match your style.

1. Write Micro Messages on instax Film

Record what you did the day of the photo, a sentimental song lyric, the names of the people who are in the photo, or simply write the date. Record what made that moment special. Use a black permanent marker to write on the white borders of the film or use a white marker to write on the actual photo. (Tip: Wait until the film is completely developed before writing on it.)

2. Recycle instax cartridge frames

Recycle your old instax film cartridges and transform them into unique and simple frames. All you need is decorative washi tape, your favourite film and the empty instax film cartridge. Pick the photos you’d like to display and slide the instax photos into the bottom of each cartridge (one photo per cartridge). Cover the sides, front and back of the cartridges with your washi tape to give them a decorative look in whichever pattern or color you choose.

3. Kaleidoscope Display

This is perhaps one of the most fun and enjoyable ways to display your instax photos. Whether you're in a tiny room or a sprawling loft, any ceiling or wall space is a great place to hang a collection of treasured moments. Select instax photos taken with loved ones, or use your imagination to put together a plethora of ordinary objects in your kaleidoscope display. Choose bright colors and clip them to clear string or twine hanging from your ceiling or across an empty wall space.

4. Recipe Book

Let instax film be your sidekick in the kitchen and help you get organised with meal plans. Capture all of your favourite and most popular dishes with your instax camera, and file the photos in a box alphabetically to help you find them every time you want to whip up one of your specialties. This could also be a great way for the kids to get involved in an instax project.

5. Organizing Your Closet

Picking out what to wear in the morning seems to take forever; it gets messy and frustrating. Instax film can help you arrange your outfits together, find items easier and navigate through your closet by taking a photo of each outfit or accessory item. This easy tactic will make getting dressed in the morning quicker, leaving you feeling organised and on top of things.

6. Pinpointing Your Travels

Place a big map or decal of the world on your wall. Tag all of your wonderful travels near or far on your display using your instax film photos. Pinpoint the exact location you travelled to and secure an instax photo of your favourite memory in each spot onto your world map using a tack. (Tip: Set travel goals by placing a blank card on the place you hope to travel to one day.)

7. Welcome Sign for Any Special Occasion

If a wedding, birthday or family reunion is coming up, instax film is great way to send special messages to close friends and family. Have your guests take a selfie or group photo of everyone attending the event, then sign the photo with a heartfelt message. Decorate your welcome sign to make the photos on your board pop out and give it a spirited look. Lastly, use your instax welcome sign to share unforgettable moments for years to come.

With these simple and customisable steps, you can incorporate your most treasured instax photos into your everyday life and be extremely happy with the results.

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Photo credit: @meohmygirl


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