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Decorating Your instax to Make It Your Own

Posted by Fujifilm Instax February 10, 2017

When you love something, you want to make it your own. We know you instax lovers out there have a loads of creativity, and we love seeing how you let your imagination run wild.

You take brilliant photos with your instax, so why not jazz it up as well? Make your favourite camera impossible to miss and unmistakably yours with a little decorating. Here are some examples we love to help get your creative juices flowing.


Stickers are a lovely companion for your instax. You can choose colours and designs that reflect your personality, and place them anywhere on your instax. We love this one:

decorating instax with stickers

Photo Credit: @heidiswapp

Magic Marker

Drawing patterns with dashes of colour can instantly perk up your camera. Think of your instax as your canvas, and wind your designs around the curves and various surfaces of the camera.

decorating instax with markers

Photo Credit: Momo Wang


Dazzle your subjects when you arrive to shoot pics with a bejeweled instax. Sparkling hues that match the colour of your camera can also accent your instax, as shown here.

decorating instax with jewels

Photo Credit: WeHeartIt

Add a little something to your camera to change up its look and personalise it to match your taste. Whichever style you choose, be sure it is safe for the surface and won’t damage the camera’s ability to take photos before adhering any material. And of course, make sure not to obstruct the lens, so you can see clearly when you snap. These are just a few of our favourite ideas; how do you plan on decorating your instax?

For unique ways to display your instax pics, be sure to check out our guide, The Ultimate Decorator’s Guide to instax today!

The Ultimate Decorator's Guide to Instax

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