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Document Your Child's First Year with instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax June 10, 2016


(Photo by Charli Burrows)

Every new parent dreams of documenting the journey of their child's first year. But with a new baby, finding the time to capture each special moment can be a challenge. Fujifilm instax makes it easy to instantly snap and share all your little one’s precious “firsts.” You’ll be able to tell the world about your tiny tot’s major milestones, such as first steps, sounds, smiles and spills all over the floor—you won’t have to miss or forget any detail. A great place to start is by utilizing a few of these Instax baby craft projects.

First off, instax cameras are lightweight, so new parents can easily carry them around hassle-free.

If you’d like to take selfies with your little one, use the instax mini 70; it provides the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for self-portraits, and you can check your framing on the mirror next to the lens. For more candid photos, such as capturing a picnic or playtime with pets, use the instax mini 8. The instax mini 8 will automatically determine the best brightness, and tell you the suitable setting by lighting the corresponding lamp. If you would like to use photos from your smartphone or tablet, don’t worry! By using the instax SHARE SP-1 printer, you can instantly print digital shots onto instax mini film.

Here’s how you can share every special moment with instax instant photography:

Caption Your instax Film

Wait 2 to 3 minutes after your photos are dispensed to allow the film to dry; simply write the date on the front or back, or compose a more detailed description. For example, you can jot down what you did that day and how you felt at the moment. (Craft Tip: Use coloured pens or patterned mini film to add extra personality to your instax photos.)

Use Your instax Film to Create a Glass Jar Display

Decorate your baby’s nursery with a sweet display of instax photos you’ve taken of your growing family. Use a few medium-sized jars and place your instax photos around the inside of the jar. Add decoration by placing flowers in the centre. Arrange the jars on a shelf or a side table.

Start a Scrapbook

Design your own scrapbook using your baby’s nursery room colours as the theme. For example, if your nursery is blue, yellow and green, use the same colour schemes in your scrapbook. Decorate using the many baby-themed stickers and cardboard cut-outs available. Continue adding to your scrapbook as the years pass to document major moments of your child’s early life.



Create a Collage

A collage is another way to collect and display your favourite instax shots. Use a piece of thick paper or cardboard as a backing to your collage. Organize your photos around the backing material to find the perfect arrangement. Choose your favourite washi tape to paste your photos to your collage backing. Hang it on a wall, or gift it to a grandparent.

The best part of collecting these sweet moments today is being able to reflect back to the special milestones with your child when they’re older. Making the effort to document this first year will mean a great deal to your little one someday, and the two of you can look back on these first happy months for the rest of your lives.

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