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4 Easy and Fun Ways to Personalise Holiday Gift Wrapping Using instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax December 8, 2015

Our official Fujifilm instax ambassador Charli Burrows (@meohmygirl) will be stopping by the blog from time to time to create and share new ways to use the instax camera system.

Hi guys!

In the spirit of the silly season, I thought we’d start with how you can use your Instax to personalise your Christmas gifts this year.


For this you’ll need:


-Instax Share Printer

-Instax Film

-Twine or Ribbon

-Plain brown paper

-Fuji Pegs

-Optional Washi tape

Step 1: Wrap your gifts in plain wrapping paper

You can use busier prints if you like, but if you want to keep the focus on the images, I’d opt for something cleaner. I’m using brown kraft paper to give my gifts that rustic look

Step 2: Take your Share Printer + print out some instax

The great thing about the share printer is that it lets you pick whichever photo you like. I’m using some Christmas images, but you might want to personalise each gift by printing a funny photo of your bestie and you, or maybe a cute snap of your pet. I’ve actually used funny photos this year instead of gift tags makes it a bit more fun.instax share printer

Step 3: Take some brown twine or string and loop it around your gift.

Step 4: Using your little pegs, pop your instax gift card on

instax gift wrapping

Tip: for a colourful option, add some Christmas washi tape to make the kids gifts fun!

Voila! Instant personality. Plus, they'll look great under the tree.


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