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How Can New Photographers Get Inspired?

Posted by Fujifilm Instax July 1, 2015


Photography, like any art form, requires a great deal of motivation and creative spark. Also, as in other artistic endeavours, you may sometimes feel as though you’ve hit a wall. When you’re feeling stuck and uninspired, you may be unsure how to regain your enthusiasm. Don’t let this get you down! Inspiration can often elude even the most accomplished photographers. 

However, keep in mind it’s rare for the perfect opportunity to fall into your lap. To become a truly brilliant instant photographer, you have to seek out motivation in your everyday life. 

To help you regain your passion, we’ve compiled a few of the best tricks used by professional shutterbugs. Next time you hit a creative block, consider using these four tips for finding inspiration:

1. Find a Role Model

Behind every great photographer is the aspiration to become more like their idol. Having a role model drives you to keep working towards excelling in your craft and helps you shape realistic goals.

While having someone to show you the ropes can be helpful for new photographers, your role model doesn’t necessarily need to be your mentor. In fact, your role model doesn’t even need to know they’re your inspiration. Your photographic icon could be a famous photographer, a local artist or a blogger halfway across the world. Find a photographer who creates the kind of work you love, and use his or her talent as motivation to improve your skills. 

Take time to analyse your role model’s photos from a critical standpoint. Consider composition, use of light, mood and subject matter. Try to replicate your favourite pieces and, over time, you’ll find their influence has guided you in finding your own unique style.

2. Bring Your Camera Everywhere

Creatives know inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time. This means you need to stay prepared.

Whether it’s a family holiday, a hike with a friend or a trip to run errands on a Tuesday afternoon, always keep your instax close by. You never know when you might pass a beautiful landscape, catch a dazzling sunset or happen upon another special experience. Photo-worthy moments happen all of the time, and great photographers know preparation is key.

3. Join a Group

One of the best ways to gain new inspiration is by surrounding yourself with people who share your interest. Seek out a local meetup group, or join an online forum. In addition to enjoying other people’s work, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, learn new tricks and provide advice to other newbies based on your experience. As a bonus, you’ll make a few new friends who love photography as much as you!

4. Create Your Own Assignments

Writers improve their craft by reading, and athletes become stronger by training. It stands to reason, then, the best way to become a more well-rounded photographer is by setting aside time to practice. 

Make a list of unique assignments, and give yourself a deadline. This positive pressure will push you to keep working at your skill, and keep you committed to your goals. Possible assignments may include: 

While honing your skills requires time and effort, creating works you’re proud to share with family and friends is a worthwhile reward. Don’t let a creativity block discourage you from continuing your work. Keep chasing inspiration, and you’ll quickly become a master of your craft. 

Every great artist needs a great tool. Check out the feature-packed instax Mini 90 and start commemorating life’s best moments, instantly!

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