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How to Create a DIY Thank You Card Using instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax October 14, 2016


Decorating a stack of ordinary thank you cards for a ton of people could get time-consuming and tedious. Show your friends and family gratitude after special events, holidays or good deeds by customising thank you cards using instax. It’s a unique and fun way to add your own significant touch to thank you cards, and you can snap and print photos instantly.

Here are five DIY thank you card ideas that family and friends will absolutely love.

1. Birthday Party

Overwhelmed with gratitude for your friends and family coming together to celebrate your birthday? Show your gratitude in style by taking instax photos with each of your guests throughout your birthday party. Afterward, clip them to the front of a blank card so they’ll have a tangible memory of a special moment you shared. Add a short, personalised note so each guest knows how much their friendship means to you, and how grateful you were for their presence on your special day.

2. Wedding Day

Thank your wedding guests for participating in your BIG day, and give them a memento they’ll cherish for years. Ask your wedding photographer to snap a quick picture of you and your new spouse with each guest as they greet you in the receiving line. Later, attach them to your thank you cards so those you love most have a unique token of your appreciation.

(Note: Attach the instax photo to their gift as a reminder of what they gave you. This will make the thank you card process much smoother.)

3. End of the School Year

Teachers love personalised gifts—especially when they’re lovingly handmade by a special student. To create a meaningful thank you card, have your child decorate a blank card with glitter, stickers and other adornments. Snap an instax photo of your smiling child, have them write their name on the front and glue or tape it inside the card for a heartwarming sendoff at the end of the school year.

4. Baby’s First Birthday

Your little one’s first year is filled with growth, change and sweet moments you wish you could pause forever. Document your child’s momentous first year with your instax camera, and clip them inside thank you notes to family and friends that helped support and celebrate the birth of your bundle of joy. Share them with your loved ones at your child’s first birthday party. They may choose to display the card or keep it for their own scrapbooking.

5. Graduation Celebration

Once the graduation celebration is over, it’s time to express your gratitude to those who have supported you through your educational endeavours. Attach an instax photo of yourself in your cap and gown with your diploma to a card. Write a special message on the front, or decorate the instax film with instax stickers.

Thanks to Fujifilm instax, you have the ability to personalise your thank you cards in a heartfelt and significant way—instantly.

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Photo credit: @made_everything via instagram

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