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How to Create a Personalised Gift Box with instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax March 17, 2017

It’s your mate’s special day, and you’ve got the perfect gift. But you need a way to wrap it so it stands out. No worries. Follow these steps on how to create a personalised gift box with instax to show your mate how much you care.

instax gift box.jpg

You’ll need…

-Instax SHARE Printer


-Gift boxes

-Sticky tape


  • Print out a selection of your favourite pics of your friend or partner.
  • Wrap your present up in a gift box with ribbon and tape.
  • Add an image to your box using sticky tape (try to tuck the image under the ribbon like you would a name tag)

instax gifting.jpg

For more tips and tricks for using your instax pics to decorate, download our guide, The Ultimate Decorator’s Guide to instax today!

The Ultimate Decorator's Guide to Instax

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