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How to Shoot a Wedding with Instax

Posted by Fujifilm Instax April 14, 2015

When it comes to capturing special wedding moments in this digitally charged world, most of us reach for our Smartphones. Sure, using your mobile device to snap a few pictures of the big day is a fast and easy way to share the bride and groom’s #happilyeverafter moment on your social media pages. But, a few months down the line, when you get that dreaded “storage full” notification on your phone, do you really want to experience the guilt of deleting some of those cherished memories from your library to make room for a shot of the delicious sandwich you’re about to devour?

Thankfully, with a little help from Instax, you can create a tangible record of your friends’ special day to decorate your home, office or give to the bride and groom as a keepsake.

Use these helpful tips to make ensure nuptial photo success.

Tip #1: Think Small

wedding_2When you imagine wedding photos, you probably think of standard portraits of the new bride and groom, a few group shots of the bridal party and, of course, the classic cake-cutting shot. However, details are the key to dynamic, sentimentally charged photos.

Instead of repeating the same, age-old staged photos, think outside of the box. Capture the delicate lace adorning the back of the wedding dress before the bride slips into her garment.  Snap a close-up of the rings, or even the table settings in the reception area before everyone arrives. Because they aren’t candid, these photos don’t require the preparation or timing of, say, catching the first kiss.

Tip #2: Timing is Everything


When you use an Instax camera in place of your Smartphone, you have the benefit of controlling your settings and achieving greater depth with each image. However, while anyone with a digital camera has the benefit of being able to take multiple shots until they get the right one, you’ve only got as many chances as you do packs of film. When it comes to instant photography, timing is everything.

Make sure you’re paying attention to how many images you have left. If you’ve reached image number 10, consider where you are in the day’s schedule. For example, you don’t want to be stuck rushing to change out your film pack amidst the first dance.

Tip #3: Consider the Background


If you plan to snap a few portrait-style photos, keep the background in mind. For posed photos, look for an uncluttered area with good lighting and an interesting backdrop. Do your best to avoid parking lots and telephone wires in the immediate background. Opt instead for the brick facade of a building, or in front of dense shrubbery. Once you’ve located the ideal spot, grab the bride and groom for a quick snap.

Tip #4: Always Have Backup


As any photographer will tell you, the most important thing is to arrive prepared. Most professionals bring along extra batteries, memory cards or film, and many even pack a second camera to make sure they never miss a perfect moment.

Prepare for the big day with at least two to three more packs of film than you think you’ll need, plus a spare battery pack. The last thing you want is for a rookie mistake to stand between you and the perfect wedding day photo.

By using these tips, along with your keen eye, you’ll be able to capture special memories you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.

Whether you’re prepping for a big event or just a weekend with friends, Instax instant cameras can help you snap evidence of life’s best moments. Check out the Instax 210 Wide or New Instax 300 Wide for unique, wide format photos.

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