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How to Take the Best #Selfie with Your instax Camera

Posted by Fujifilm Instax January 19, 2016



As our generation becomes more attracted to images and photos, the phenomenon of taking a self-portrait—or a selfie—in the digital age has skyrocketed in popularity. No longer restricted to the digital space, selfies captured on instant photos like instax mini film are the latest trend. From celebrities to the inspired photographer like you, everyone is sharing their instax selfies.

Not all selfies are created equal: Reaching your full selfie potential can be a challenge. It’s a selective process trying to convey who you are and what you look like through the lense of a camera. Fear not! With these five helpful tips, you can take the best selfie with your Fujifilm instax camera.

1. Make sure you're in the right setting.

Your picture’s background matters and is just as important as the subject and the foreground. A chaotic background could be a distraction and interfere with the perfect selfie creation. We recommend posing in front of an appealing coloured background or, if you can, a breathtaking landscape. And look out for photo-bombers—believe it or not, they’re out there.

2. Frame the picture well.

Your nose should align with the centre of the lense. Angle your face slightly upward or turn your head to your best side. If you’re taking a picture with your best mates, bring the camera up high at arm’s length and point it down toward all of you.

3. Take advantage of your instax's high-performance flash.

All instax cameras feature enhanced capabilities to creatively capture your surrounding light. Keeping your flash properties in mind, your instax allows you to photograph the perfect selfie in any mood of light. Use the brightness adjustments located above the lense. (Tip: Make the colour tone brighter in the brightness adjustment dial to add a soft touch, making your skin tone look softer in your close-up shot.)

4. Utilize the various instax modes.

The selfie mode on the mini 70 captures the appropriate brightness and shooting distance for self-portraits to take the perfect selfie. The double exposure mode on the instax neo 90 mixes two photos when pressing the shutter which gives you an artistic print. The orange lamp on the classic mini 8 will turn on, which indicates the timer is activated and you can then get into position to take a great selfie.

5. Show off your favourite poses.

Test different looks, styles and facial expressions. Have fun with it. All of your friends and followers will be envious of how professional and creative your instax instant photo is. Good luck!

Fujifilm instax cameras help you take amazing selfies. Show us some of your instax selfies in the comments below and on our Facebook page!

photo credit: @emily.tz via instagram 

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